Yamaha APX500II Thinline Cutaway Acoustic – Guitar Review

Yamaha APX500II Thinline Cutaway

Yamaha is one of the most reputed brands in the world of musical instruments. I was so amazed to learn that this is one brand that produces such a wide variety of musical instruments like pianos, guitars and many more.

Thankfully I had all this information with me about this brand and its features that I did not face much of a problem in finding a great guitar from this brand.

Why you Should Buy Yamaha APX500II

I chose Yamaha APX500II Thinline Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar. There are many varieties of this same group of Yamaha guitars too; that was amazing! With more than hundreds of options and great quality, the Yamaha 500 series came up as the new and upgraded version of the company’s old guitar variety and that made me really happy.

Who is it for?

This is the classic piece of guitars that have been refined with a hue that suits perfectly well and is meant for the classic and rock generation of today. Fanatic new guitarists would love the overall look and finish of this fine guitar from Yamaha.

Features of Yamaha APX500II Thinline Cutaway

It is indeed one of the most exciting features that have its upgraded electric system with an excellent playability feature too. The entire APX range of Yamaha guitars, as far as I have seen, is designed to focus mainly on the playability.

This guitar has a thin body with cutaways to provide improved access to upper frets. It also offers a very smooth switch between the acoustic and electric instruments that is something I really appreciate about this wonderful guitar. It also has that specially designed APX bracing that delivers brilliant response with thicker mid range and high range of tone.

Yamaha APX500II

The latest Yamaha APX500II Thinline Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar inherits all the basic features and specifications of the APX500 version to offer a developed and technically superior piezo and preamp pickup from the original Yamaha.


This latest pickup is under-saddled variety, but its piezo element has been planed individually to each string for catching sound accuracy and information.

The playability of this acoustic guitar is something that I can talk about for hours and not really feel tired as I am really enjoying it after using it for a year or so. This guitar is capable of producing very smooth lead sound and playing it gives you complete satisfaction too.

Final Notes

Overall, I am really impressed with the Yamaha APX500II Thinline Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Considering the price, which is slightly on the higher side, I still don’t mind using it because it gives me the pleasure of excellent sound quality and usability, which is something we guitarists simply cannot compromise with.

So, even I did not want to compromise on this aspect of guitar usage much. I have been really happy since the time I bought a Yamaha home and I am going to give it to my son. I am sure it will last longer and it seems durable to me.

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