Yamaha Acoustic Electric Guitar Deep Review

Yamaha Acoustic Electric Guitar

Yamaha acoustic electric guitar becomes the most eminent guitar type nowadays.  The need for quality sound produced by the strings seemed to be an opportunity for Yamaha to release the best innovation in providing the unique and stylish acoustic electric guitar.

Through the contact pickup technology consists of piezo crystal and multilayer damper, Yamaha presents the best offering to fulfill the desire of this stringed instrument lovers.

This technology is obviously not the foreign thing for the guitar player. The sound quality generated from the strings of Yamaha acoustic guitar can be played beautifully as loud as if it is generated from Yamaha electric guitar. Concern to the quality of guitar body and strings, it is obviously no doubt because the whole world has recognized the greatness of Yamaha guitars.

Pros and Cons of Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

If you face the time to consider what types of guitar you like to buy, it is necessary to know the pros and contras from the nearby reviews. Acoustic electric guitar of Yamaha becomes the versatile Yamaha guitar which can be more portable by the choice of using amplifier or not. You can still play the guitar with good quality of string sound without amplifier needed.

The next time when you need to amplify the sound of its acoustic, you only need to plug amplifier into the available contact pickup. This is the plus side of this guitar than ordinary Yamaha acoustic guitar. On the other hand, you cannot play electric guitar without any amplifier as the string sound is not as loud as the acoustic one.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

This makes the acoustic electric guitar more portable than electric guitar, you can also look at Voyage Air Guitar if you place portability on your first list. It is also a perfect combination if you play acoustic electric guitar with the bass guitar. While the amplifier is not a must, this guitar is less expensive than the electric one.

You can also choose the string type to get choices of classical with nylon string and acoustic with steel string.

In order to support your mellow sound, classical Yamaha NTX700 can be a good choice. If you need to play the popular songs, acoustic APX500 and APX500II are the nice ones to fulfill it. Also the price for both APX500 and APX500II is under $500, you can find some similiar level guitar in Acoustic Guitar Under $500. To be considered, if you start to learn the guitar playing, the steel string is harder on the finger than the nylon one.

The Pros of the Guitars of Yamaha

1. Body Comfort and Convenient

Several series of Yamaha acoustic electric guitar are designed with slim bodies which combine the comfort and ease of holding the top fret. The convenience of using the guitar will make you forget while you are already playing guitar for hours.

With a very light weight, approximately 3 kg, the guitar is comfortable to carry anywhere or even played in a standing position. This makes no aching shoulder.

2. Acoustic Resonance Transducer

Acoustic Resonance Transducer

Acoustic Resonance Transducer is a newly developed technology of contact pickup which consists of several layers with unique structure. These layers can produce optimal dynamic sound balance. The contact pickup consists of cover, piezo crystal and multilayer damper. Piezo crystal helps as preamplifier to amplify the string signal and resonance it to the multilayer damper.

Multilayer damper consists of 6 layers and each layer has different material which is able not only to capture and amplify the little resonance but also to control and harmonize the excessive resonance.  It also helps to control the overtune. As consequence, it will create a dynamic and clear sound balanced.

3. Great Choice of Yamaha APX500 and APX500II

Have you ever heard the clarity of Ed Sheeran’s guitar sound while playing Thinking Out Loud? Same with him, Korean guitarists Depapepe also usually do their jamming session with this guitar.  Choices you can consider to choose are series of Yamaha APX500 and APX500II. It is the best seller nowadays because of cheap price.

APX series guitar is designed with thin body style and excellent cutaway. Body depth is about 80-90 mm and nut width is about 43 mm, it is not a big deal to carry this convenient Yamaha acoustic electric guitar. Final touch of spruce material covers nato or meranti back, side and neck; also rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

Strong draft provides a perfect response with thick coverage of medium and high tones. It has a solid bony frame which has the function of strengthening the body but also acoustically produce outstanding sound balance. Oval hole offers a unique characteristic of sound.

Yamaha-APX500 Vs APX500II

Yamaha APX-500II is equipped with a tuner version of System55. Tuner sound has advantages in convenience of use, knob positioning, easy to operate and easily seen position. This tuner is also equipped with an auto-off timer for every one minute that is designed to save battery life.

4. Nice Playability of NTX700

NTX700 has a thin body and narrow neck. The nylon string tone will provide mellow harmonization. It is very comfort to carry this guitar with cutaway shape and 14th fret neck joints.

It has solid spruce top with back and side of nato material, also fingerboard and bridge of rosewood material.  Its body depth is about 80-90 mm and nut width is about 48 mm. When considering the quality, it is not a big deal to pay more.

It also provides Yamaha original innovation technology of Acoustic Resonance Enhancement. The wooden body of this guitar is precisely controlled atmospheric pressure, humidity and temperature so that it will have manipulative acoustical condition.

As a result, the string sound is similar with sound from a vintage guitar which has been played for a long time.

This guitar is usually played with combination of latin jazz melodies. Jazz guitarists, such as Sal Salvador and Hermeto Pacoal, present their song with Yamaha NTX700. The acoustic guitar can provide sharp tone in high range dissonance control.

The nylon string itself is milder than steel one. Yamaha NTX700 is equipped with preamp System61 which allow you to control the treble and bass volume.

Any kind of Yamaha electric guitar you choose, do not forget to make it in accordance with your objective. Choosing of acoustic, classical, or electrical is based on amenities and playability. Considering the budget you want to use is also a good way.

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