What is The Similarities & Difference Between Bass and Guitar

Similarities & Difference Between Bass and Guitar

I have to admin, it’s unfortunate but not as many beginner musicians are as apt to pick up a bass guitar as there are people who will pick up a regular guitar. The fact is that the guitar is a far more popular instrument then the bass.

However, what many beginners don’t realize is just how many similarities there are between these two instruments, and how one could benefit from switching back and fourth between a bass guitar and a regular guitar.

Difference Between Bass and Guitar

Learning the Fretboard

Without question one of the most important things you can teach yourself on either instrument is how to understand the fretboard. Now I don’t just mean the basic idea behind each fret is a half step and the names of your strings. Rather I mean where each root note is, understanding your major and minor scales etc.

Something that many beginner guitar players don’t realize is that it’s far easier to learn this stuff on a bass with only 4 strings then it is on a guitar. Then what you learn on the bass can be transcribed over to the top 4 strings on their guitar and there’s only one string left to learn.

If you’re a complete beginner then you might not realize that the bass guitar is the same as the regular guitar’s top four strings (low E, A, D and G).

This means that you’re only left with one other string to learn the notes on which is the B string since the 1st string of the guitar is just a repeat of the low E string, except one octave higher.

Learning Bass or Guitar First

I don’t think I could possibly build a case that would make those wanting to learn guitar as a beginner change their mind entirely and switch to bass. The guitar just has more appeal to it seeing that you can learn songs faster, play and sing with it on your own etc.

If you’re going to learn bass guitar then hands down there’s no better place to do it online then using the Teach Me Bass Guitar Course (Banner is in the right hand side of this page).

If you’re going to learn the guitar first then I’d suggest checking out Jamplay. They’re a huge online guitar lessons membership site with hundreds of hours of lessons for players of all skill levels. 

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