Traveler Guitar Pro Series Review

Traveler Guitar Pro

Being a music lover and an ardent guitarist I have always been in the lookout for good quality guitars in different shapes and designs. In my quest to find some quality guitars I have been through a lot of options and I found this uniquely designed Traveler Guitar Pro Series Acoustic Electric Guitar that looked outstanding and had features that I could only dream of.

This is the perfect Traveler Pro that can make you traveling experiences easier as it is very easy to carry. There’s a 24-3/4-inch perfect full scale fret board along with this guitar that makes it convenient for users. it also comprises of internal resonant pickup features together with its patent Stethophone headset allowing private listening to users without any use of external spruce of power.

Guitar Pro Series

That’s amazing, isn’t it? If you need to plug in, you have the choice of missing your custom acoustic music pickup with one traditional coil. 

Traveler Guitar Pro Guitar has been made lightweight, only 3 ½ lbs so that it is easier to carry. It is just 28 inches on length, thus making it perfectly portable.

The body of Traveler Guitar Pro Series Acoustic Electric Guitar is made from American maple or harder variety.

There are so many good things or advantages about using Traveler Guitar  that I can actually write a long piece about it. For instance, the strings that come with guitar-usually branded companies expect you to use their own strings, but it is not the case with Pro Series Acoustic Electric Guitar.

You can choose any type of guitar string and that would work for you. It comes with an additional D’Addario EJ15 Phosphor Bronze Round Wound Extra Light Acoustic Strings. Each package of Pro Series Electric Guitar comes with extra thumbscrews that act like a strap pin.

It also has an adjustable truss rod that gives you easy access through end cap. I must say I was happy with everything about my Traveler Guitar Pro Series Guitar, which is simply a superb guitar that has everything perfectly in place.

However, if there’s one complain that I have to make, it would be its detectable arm in which the switches and dials are located. Well, that poor thing failed to endure all the stress.

After a few months the wooden part split and I had to get it reattached. But this would not be a reason for not purchasing the Traveler Guitar Pro Series Guitar because it is so handy and the sound quality is so good.

The headset of Traveler Guitar Pro Series Acoustic Electric Guitar works fine, and you can also use it unplugged. So, that should be quite a decent arrangement for everyone; it was for me actually and so I am proud of this little thing that gives me the scope of making it really big whenever I wish to. 

Traveler Guitar Pro Series

If I have to jot down some excellent features of my Traveler Guitar Pro Series Acoustic Electric Guitar, it would be the sound quality, portability, price, and overall performance.

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