Takamine EG523SC Review – Cool Acoustic Guitar With Jumbo Cutaway

Takamine EG523SC Review

Takamine acoustic guitar is a manufacturer that has a very good reputation, in terms of quality can not be underestimated, Takamine is a guitars manufacturer from Japan and Takamine became one of the most popular guitar in country music.

Additionally Takamine also provide products for various levels, from high-end to low-end, certainly with quality adjusted.

Takamine EG523SC First Glance

At this time I would like to give a review Takamine EG523SC guitar with his jumbo cutaway. Not only the quality of the material and the sound that you want to highlight by Takamine, but also in terms of aesthetics, with great guitar’s body still look beautiful.

It features a solid spruce top with maple been burned back and sides and a natural gloss. The fretboard is rosewood and is adorned with beautiful mother of pearl and abalone block inlays.

Not only that, this guitar is also available in other colors, which is black. So for fans of black acoustic guitar can still make this guitar for consideration.

For some electric acoustic guitar, they will display the sound performance is excellent when plugged into the amplifier but will lose its performance when it is not plugged or simply played without amplifiers.

But not with this guitar, although not connected to the amplifier will still produce excellent sound quality, due to its large body so it has a good sound resonance.

Takamine EG523SC First Glance

This guitar can provide a fairly balanced sound as a whole and that if we hear the voice clearly provide magnificent voice and no tone outdo one another deeply felt, and when used as a strumming guitar provides great sound.

This guitar uses upgraded features TK40 Takamine pre-amp system with three-band EQ, notch filter and a mid contour switch. Of course also equipped with a tuner like other electric acoustic guitar.

Jumbo Body Common Issue

I think, quite a lot of people who do not like the jumbo acoustic guitar with a body like Takamine EG523SC, as well as me, because certainly relate to comfort when playing the guitar, because I wanted to play the guitar not lap an elephants. But this guitar is not as it looks, because when we use the guitar, it did not feel that this is a jumbo-sized guitar.

For guitar action, the action of the guitar straight out of the box was nice and low. So we do not need to grasp this guitar very hard that causes pain in our fingers.

But there are the rumors circulating, some people who have this guitar on average felt fret buzz in a close relationship with the body of the guitar neck, but this can be overcome by taking it to a guitar luthier.

Overall, EG523SC Takamine guitar is very nice, because it can provide all the needs that you are looking for in an acoustic guitar with a $ 500 price range.

Things that make this guitar excels in my opinion because this guitar still provide a good quality sound when not plug into an amplifier, so I do not have to always connect to the amplifier when it wants to play.

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