Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar Review – Great Guitar, Excellent Value!

Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar Review

The Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar by Godin Guitars has won many awards and it represents the best value offered. A very highly recommended acoustic guitar which is designed with top notch solid tonewoods in order to generate nice tone and impressive appearance.

The affordable price tag makes Seagull S6 worth the money for beginners who just start playing guitar and don’t want to spend so much in their entry level. Considering its great features, Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar is one of the top-rated best guitars.

Seagull S6 Video Review

Overall, Seagull S6 guitar sounds good, looks great and is affordable. What makes us very impressed is that this awesome guitar was not produced in China, but in fact was made in Seagull’s hometown of LaPatrie in Quebec, Canada.

The demo video below shows you how cool Seagull S6 is looking. Listen the beautiful sound this left-handed Seagull S6 can create too.

What you will get from Seagull S6

Seagull S6 is made in Canada and this guitar is highly regarded. Seagull S6 features mahogany back and sides, a solid cedar top which will generate beautiful sound both unplugged and amplified.

Although the price may be a little above beginners willing to pay for their first acoustic guitar, it should be considered as a good investment since Seagull S6 will sound as warm as many top end acoustic guitars from other companies but for a lower price. Great and durable guitar with a good price, this Seagull S6 is offering you an excellent value.

mahogany back and sides

High quality tonewoods

As we have mentioned, this 6 stringed instrument make use of top quality materials. Let’s check the list of tonewoods used in Seagull S6 construction:

Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar Features

  • The color on the top of Seagull S6′s body is very beautiful and finished in genuine semi-gloss lacquer.
  • The hand-finished neck and gorgeous nice pattern of wild Cherry at back and sides make the guitar looks more impressive. The finishing is as soft as silk and makes it comfortable to play around the neck.
  • On the back of the neck, silver leaf Mapple expresses a rich orangey brown color.
  • Guitar’s head is designed in special shape and has a nice Seagull logo.
  • The gold-colored 4 wound strings – E, A, D and G – look in nice harmony with the overall look of Seagull S6 acoustic guitar.

Sound Quality

With wild Cherry back and sides, the tone given to Seagull S6 is excellent and has uniqueness between mahogany’s mellow tone and mapple’s bright ring. At the same time, wild Cherry combination with Cedar top will beautifully produce a warm and full sound.

The notes always sound full however quietly you play this guitar and don’t lose tone either when you don’t play them as hard. The sound is really deep on the E and A strings, nice and round on the D and G strings, and very crisp on the B and E strings.

seagull guitars s6

Now there’s another important features you should note. The use of genuine lacquer finish allows the top to breathe and vibrate freely.

In turn, this promotes the aging process of the guitar, which means that Seagull S6 acoustic guitar will actually sound better the more it is played over time. This is why a lot of Seagull S6 beginning players stick to their S6 guitars even after they move to the intermediate level.

Seagull S6 Comparison With Other Godin Acoustic Guitar

We know that Godin Guitar has a lot of acoustic guitar which might obscure your consideration to pick the best of them. We have compared great guitars manufactured by Godin with all available features and price tags in a table below to ease your task.

What Players Have Said about Seagull S6 Original Where to buy Seagull S6 at cheaper price?

You can visit guitar shop near by your area or search it online and find retailer website offering Seagull S6. We recommend as this is the biggest online store with highest trustworthy.

As we’re writing this Seagull S6 Review, there’s also used Seagull S6 available at under 500. Check it out soon if you don’t want to miss your chance to have Seagull S6 acoustic guitar at very affordable price.

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