Jasmine by Takamine ES45C Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

Jasmine by Takamine ES45C

The old adage is true; music is food to the soul. Guitars are one of the most fantastic musical instruments to ever be invented. One of the world’s hottest selling guitars is Jasmine ES45C Acoustic Electric Guitar.

The guitar is manufactured by Takamine, which is a company based in Japan. The company was established four decades ago and in the late 70s was among the first companies to introduce acoustic electric guitars.

Price and Main Feature Of Jasmine by Takamine ES45C

The Amazon price for the Jasmine ES45C Acoustic Electric Guitar is $148.41. The main features are:

  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Spruce top
  • Nato sides and back
  • 12 strings
  • Mini jumbos
  • Dreadnoughts
  • Chrome plated tuners
  • Natural gross finish
  • Tone control and passive volume

Who is it for?

The Jasmine ES45C Electric Guitar is designed in such a way that anyone can play it from mere beginners to hardened professionals. It makes a very clear beginner kind of sound, which is perfect for guitarists who desire an affordable easy reliable guitar. Beginners will especially enjoy playing this model since it has a small manageable size making it easy to use.

Takamine ES45C

Pros and Cons 

The most attractive part of the guitar’s design is that it has a small FXC kind of body style made of mahogany and a spruce top with a glossy finish. The Jasmine ES45C Guitar produces the best sound when played acoustic and does not particular fair well in electric amplification.

It has a tremendously crispy sound but does not mask out other instruments In addition, the guitar offers passive volume and tone control making it suitable for the various stages of learning guitar.

The most basic and vital things to do to keep it clean, keep playing it, keep it comfortable and avoid hurting it. Obtain various cleaning products available at a local music store. Investing in a good polish and several polishing rags will do the trick.

Wipe the strings down always after playing. Keep it in a moderate temperature and maintain the humidity to about 40-60%. Use a humidifier if the heat or air conditioner in the room frequently runs, you are in a mountain or desert, or you are simply not certain.

Never shock the guitar or put it through extremes. For instance, if I am out in the snow, and enter a warm club or structure, I would not open the case until the guitar has adapted to the room’s temperature.

I would never leave my guitar in the trunk of my car, as this would kill it. Do not tune the guitar above pitch. When travelling by plane, loosen all the strings and use the best possible case.

Why You Should Buy It  

It is easy for anyone to fall in love with it since it comes with an attractive glossy finish.  Jasmine ES45C Guitar is of high quality and all of its pieces are well built and sturdy. It has been produced with a lot of care and precision. It not only looks good but is reliable as well. From the material to the sound, everything in this guitar is simply spectacular.


Jasmine by Takamine ES45C Acoustic Electric Guitar is what every guitarist with the love of music should dream of getting. It is affordable and available and there is nothing stopping you from getting it.

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