Jasmine by Takamine ES31C Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

Jasmine by Takamine ES31C

The Jasmine by Takamine ES31C Acoustic Electric Guitar will help you express your musical creativity like you’ve never been able to do before.

If you want to start exploring your hidden talents, this guitar is a great choice. It is available at a very low price that makes it so you don’t have to worry about losing a lot of money if you decide guitars aren’t for you.

Takamine has been building quality guitars for more than 50 years.  It started out as a small family business and has since grown into an internationally known company. 

They pride themselves on advancing guitar technology in order to advance guitar playing.  Takamine went international in 1975 and has continued to flourish ever since then.

This guitar is 41.5 inches long, 18.5 inches wide, and 5.6 inches deep.  It also weighs 6.3 pounds.  This makes it a fairly lightweight and compact model that is great for musicians that are on the go or students that have to make do with little room.  If you are either of those, then you would do very well with this guitar.

Price and Main Features List

You can buy this amazing guitar for just $139.95.  This is an extremely low price and is especially impressive when you consider the features, which include:

  • Like other Takamine guitars, the Jasmine is made by the finest luthiers to ensure top quality design, construction, and quality control.
  • The guitar is specifically designed to be easy for beginners to use and learn on.
  • There is a Piezo pickup under the bridge as well as a control section that contains volume and tone controls to ensure a sound you like.
  • The high gloss finish adds to the guitar’s attractive appearance.
  • You can count on a good sound thanks to the high quality materials used.  The top is made of spruce and the fingerboard of rosewood.  The body of the guitar is Nato.

Who is it for?

This great guitar is meant in every way for the beginning guitarist.  Whether you have never touched a set of strings before, or if you just want to get some experience with an acoustic-electric guitar, this Jasmine is a great choice for you thanks to its low price and simple controls.

beginning guitarist

Pros and cons

There are a lot of great benefits to this guitar.  The cost is very low which makes it a great choice for someone on a budget and the controls and construction are simple enough for any beginner to understand.  The feature of this guitar that makes it more amazing than many of its competitors is its cost. 

While simply having a low price may not seem like enough, it absolutely is when that low cost gets you a guitar that is every bit as good as more expensive models.

The downside is that someone more experienced may not be satisfied by the quality or features offered.

Why you Should Buy it

The best reason to buy the Jasmine ES31C is if you want to learn to play but can’t or won’t drop multiple hundreds of dollars on a fancier guitar.


Overall, this Jasmine ES31C Acoustic Electric Guitar is a wonderful choice for anyone that wants to learn how to play guitar.

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