How To Be A Better Bass Player That Your Band Cannot Live Without

How To Be A Better Bass Player

For many bands and band members, bass guitarists can be looked upon as essentially throw-away and quite easily replaced. This particular principle has only been confirmed from the majority of bass players available who seem to genuinely possess very little skills or musical understanding.

Many of us hold bass players up to a decreased standard and that is in most cases precisely what we end up getting. If you wish to stop becoming one of the hundreds of disposable bass players available you are going to need to be able to stand away from the crowd.

When a band is fortuitous enough to play with genuinely skilled bass player the vast majority of musicians contemplate how they ever before settled for the average playing that would seem to generally be the norm.

The good news is, since virtually all bass players actually do not have wish to become great bass players, the ones with the push to shine will be able to rapidly become stand out players who need respect from their fellow band members.

I have put together an inventory of things exactly where you are able to make the greatest improvement inside your bass playing. Knowing these issues will present you with the very best outcomes within the shortest time, even so, to turn out to be a truly incredible bassist one must realize that there is much more to be learned, much more than most guitarists recognize.

3 Useful Bass Guitar Tips

1. Learn to be One With the Drummer’s Right Foot

The drummer as well as the bass player in any band should almost turn out to be one entity. We do commonly refer to this combination as the “rhythm section” and a three piece band can not survive unless of course they’re almost indistinguishable from one another.

The primary factor to a decent rhythm section is that the bass player as well as the bass drum play in such tight time with one another that when both are playing on the very same beat even a trained musician can scarcely differentiate the two sounds.

The approach to achieve that tightness is to just be paying attention so carefully to precisely what the drummer is playing and then fine-tuning your timing until you, as the bass player, can hardly hear the distinction between the two sounds.

This really is one of these issues that nobody perceives when it’s accomplished properly , but just appears “off” when it’s not executed correctly.

2. Learn the Right Way to Play Chords

Considering that the bass guitar is an musical instrument that is typically played one note at a time several players wrongly assume that they have no reason to discover chords.

Play Chords

Not only is this not accurate but as the bass player you’ll want to know way more about chords than the guitarist typically understands. Whilst most guitar players only know the way to finger the chord, a great bass player must have to understand what notes in fact make up the chord.

Most chords are built up of either 3 or 4 notes. You’ll find extremely simple patterns for these notes that establish if or not a chord is really a major chord, a minor chord, and if it’s a four note chord, usually what note is included to help make it a seventh chord.

These patterns could be learned extremely swiftly even if you don’t at the outset realize the music theory behind it. Envision how the guitar players inside your band will start reacting to you once you begin asking concerns like “Hey is that a minor seventh you’re playing in that bridge?” Talk about gaining some immediate respect.

3. Learn your Bass Scales

This really is without a doubt essentially the most crucial element that you can understand as the bass player and it’s the one area where almost all bass players lack in expertise.

They may possibly have found out what notes they need to play during the runs between the chords but very few bass player realize how playing scales works. Learning even the two principal scales will produce a tremendous variation in your playing.

Final Notes

Learning these three items is what will move you from being the guy who’s simply playing the root notes and few bass runs to the bass player that your band cannot live without.

Even though great guitar players really are a dime a dozen, great bass players are very sought out by leading bands, and with a little work on your part you can turn out to be one of these in demand bass players.

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