From Blues to Rock Guitar in One Lesson

Rock Guitar

The blues has for a long time now been a inspiration for many rock guitarist/composer. Many accomplished bands have made their rock signature through the blues and done it well.

For those about to rock, the blues is not only a brilliant starting point but it’s also the most logical one. The blues is the most essential starting point for anyone wanting to get on with his/her rock guitar lessons.

Why is the Blues Such a Good Starting Point?

The blues provides all the basic that a guitarist has to have in order to become a good rock guitarist. It is simple enough to suite a beginner but still it gives the advanced player plenty of room for deep though in to it.

In other words, it’s approachable for players at all levels. Without the blues, rock would have been very different. In it’s most basic form the blues is only three chords and one easy scale.

Where to Begin?

A good starting point is with the chords, learn the three blues chords so that you can switch between then effortlessly. While getting down the chord into your fingers you should also take note of the blues scale.

Record your blues chords while playing to them with the blues scale. Take care to listen to how each of the note in the blues scale fits with the chords i.e. measure the scale against the chords and let your ear be the judge of what you can and can’t do.

blues chords

It is quite important that your ears be the judge rather than someone else, this will guaranty your uniqueness as a guitarist, if you decide to follow others (guitarists) than you will never be more than a copy of them.

Where to Get the Material?

Go online! There are millions of pages dedicated to the blues guitar (try google search for “blues guitar lessons online”). You don’t have to buy any method or secrets that promise a faster result, the blues has no secrets and there is no cutting corners.

All you need is time and practice. Pick up from other blues guitarist and learn what they are doing, don’t go straight online to download the TAB, do the hard work of picking up the music your self. The reason is that most TAB’s online are written by people with limited ear training and are in most cases wrong.

Another reason is that if you do the work your self you will gain one of the most valuable lessons in music i.e. listen. Picking up other people music is the best ear training you can get!

Rock on…

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