Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar Review – Very Friendly for Beginners

Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar Review

Fender DG-8S is another acoustic guitar recommended for those who just learn to play guitar but are not sure enough if they’re going to enjoy playing guitar. Some people are a bit skeptical of this “value pack” guitar tagged for a low price. To tell you the truth, the DG-8S is Fender’s very popular acoustic guitar package.

It features a dreadnaught body shape with solid Spruce top, produces a good sound, has an impressive look and it came with a lot of stuff that’s very useful for beginners. It’s also a decent guitar for players in intermediate level. More over, IT’S A FENDER, a well known guitar brand that has been building up their reputation over the years by selling high quality guitars.

As we have said, Fender DG-8S is a perfect starter guitar pack as it came with a lot of useful stuff for beginners like strings, picks and even a strap so you can start playing.

It’s also packed with a decent gig bag and instructional DVD with a good clarity that is very easy for a newbie to understand how to play an acoustic guitar.

Let’s Review Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar a Dig Deeper

Tonewoods and the Look

Constructed in dreadnaught X-bracing body shape, DG-8S uses solid spruce top, laminated mahogany back and sides, rosewood on bridge with compensated saddle and features extras like dual action truss rod and chrome die cast tuners. It has a classic acoustic guitar appearance with a black pickguard and shiny-and-smooth natural finish.

The sound

Fender DG-8S produces an amazing clarity and tone. The sound is good so you will never guess that it comes from such an inexpensive acoustic guitar. You’ll agree that Fender DG-8S has a beautiful acoustic tone for the money.

The strings you have on it will also influence the tone produced. Not to say you can’t get good sound with the strings provided, but changing the strings to best ones makes Fender DG-8S sounding much better.


The width of the nut is narrow and it makes Fender DG-8S very friendly for beginners with average size hand to play the basic chords. Neck thickness is also so right so you’ll be feeling comfort when playing this guitar.

The DVD came with it adds another benefit since it teaches the basics about acoustic guitar playing. Great package for starter and intermediate guitar players.

Fender DG-8S Minor Issue

Trying to be honest in writing this Fender DG-8S Review, we have to let you know that there are a few people responding negatively to this guitar. It’s about the guitar’s neck which is a two-piece neck, snapped in half where they’re glued together.

Fender DG-8S Review

People prefer to use a solid wood for the neck and we do agree that solid wood is better. However, Fender must have designed DG-8S carefully and obviously wouldn’t risk their brand for such a bad product.

Please be noted that this issue is minor and not that every Fender DG-8S’ buyers will complain about. In fact, the happy buyers may say the other way around against it. This problem might be caused by mistreatment like putting DG-8S unplayed for a long period outside its gig bag instead of keeping it dry on proper place or in case.

We have seen mistreatment like this made most expensive models had more problems than this cheap DG-8S acoustic guitar.

Fender DG-8S or Yamaha FG700S?

beginner guitar players

We have seen some beginner guitar players are in this most asked question:  Fender DG-8S vs Yamaha FG700S, which one is better? Now in fact, both of them are best guitars for a starter.

Considering the money you will invest, they are for sale under $300 with Yamaha FG700S is a bit more expensive than Fender DG-8S.


Look at the price tag, read the features once more then consider it yourself. By far, we recommend this Fender DG-8S as one of top notch beginners acoustic guitars for your dollar.

It’s rare to find another high value guitar package in this price range. This is a great value. You get a good guitar and a bunch of stuff to go with it.

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