D’Angelico Guitars – New Yorker EXL-1 Vintage Jazz Look Review

D’Angelico Guitars New Yorker

The first time I saw D’Angelico New Yorker EXL-1 Guitar, I immediately felt that this D’Angelico guitar very vintage. I think this guitar is not only interesting for a jazz musician, but also collectors of musical instrument will definitely love this guitar.

This guitar has a very unique shape, classic and charming, plus the presence of the arch top on this guitar that makes it look different from other guitars. If you are a fan of Chuck Wayne or Johnny Smith then you must be familiar with D’Angelico Guitar.

If you are a professional jazz musician or want to boost up your appearance on stage, playing jazz music with a D’Angelico New Yorker EXL-1 guitar will simultaneously spreading strong jazz aura, at least in my view.

Arch Top Model Guitar With Comfortable Size

Guitar with an Arch Top model like this is quite a lot of demand, such as the legendary guitar brand Gibson, who has an arch top model.

If you get bored with arch top guitar from Gibson brand or want to collect arch top guitar models, the D’Angelico New Yorker has become the perfect choice for you, because this guitar has a comfortable size as Gibson.

D’Angelico Guitars

Neck of the guitar has a size of a width of 1 11/16 “, such as standard gibson. Laminated body size has a width of 17″ with a depth of 3” with significant arch visible on the top and rear. Then this guitar has a scale length equivalent to 25.5 EXL “. If you are a fan of Johnny Smith certainly you will feel a similar tone color.

D’Angelico yorker EXL-1 has become sufficiently strong competitor in jazz guitar in the world, because of the excellent quality of the materials and the resulting sound, I think this guitar can compete with major brands such as Gibson guitars, Fender and other American jazz guitar.

The guitar neck is absolutely straight, I think the only luthier professional who can do this, plus the setting action of guitar that can be adjusted freely to be close to the fretboard so it is quite comfortable to play, I was hesitant to setting the action this low, whether it will be a buzzy? Apparently after I listen carefully, there is no buzz at all that is generated, how amazed I am with this guitar.

I can say that this guitar is a classy guitar, or high-end. This guitar also dare to compete with the big brands that manufacture US jazz guitar, the qualities of this guitar is not cheap quality, professional jazz players will definitely love this guitar. Therefore, I find it normal that these guitars sell for more than $ 1,000.

How Much For The Market Price ?

The market price of these guitars ranging from $ 1,200 to $ 1,900. Yes, the price given was fantastic, but with the expensive market price given to this guitar, it still place this guitar at the cheapest price among competitors.

Gibson ES-175 is a heavy enough competitors for new yorker EXL-1, the difference is in the tone of the guitar, the Gibson ES has a classic jazz tone while EXL has a clear sound of electric jazz.

The decision to choose a guitar which one would you buy is not my decision, everything is back to your taste and your budget, I hope the review that I gave about archtop jazz guitar can help you be wise in before buying a guitar jazz that are quite expensive like this.

Otherwise, if you are low on budget you do not need to be worry, there are some Acoustic Guitar With Good Sound out there.

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