Baby Taylor Review: BT2 – Best Choice for Kids and Beginners with Little Hands

The Baby Taylor acoustic guitars was designed at 3/4 of a full-sized dreadnaught guitar, is sounding very good tone and volume that surprise for its diminutive dimensions. It’s the best choice for kids taking lessons and beginner players with little hands.

Available with either a solid mahogany or solid spruce top, Baby Taylor is definitely the ultimate travel companion small guitar came with a big voice. Produced by a very well known guitar manufacturer in the world, Taylor Guitars, this guitar is one of the best selling acoustic guitar at Amazon.

How this Baby Taylor Looks and Sounds

If you feel you need an audio visual on how this Taylor Acoustic Guitar looks and sounds, please check the video below.

Baby Taylor (BT2) Acoustic Guitar Review

The Baby Taylor Guitar – a travel companion that is perfect for little hands. At a 3/4-scale, Baby Taylor lives for the road. Baby Taylor is the little dreadnought that could make Taylor’s ultra-portable travel mate belies its size with a full deep sound and great tone. It’s awesomely versatile for special applications, whether played in alternate tunings or high-strung; with a capo or a slide.

Neck width at nut is 1 11/16 inches. It’s the perfect starter guitar for young kids and every guitar players with little hands.

The solid mahogany top gives this 3/4 dreadnought a dark color, attractive complexion and a mid-range boost. The other tonewood, back & sides is Sapele laminate wood, expresses a lovely ribboned grain. It’s denser and harder than mahogany wood, so it has a crisper, clearer, brighter and “pop”-ier sound than its more familiar counterpart.

Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Features of Guitars Baby Taylor BT2

  • 3/4 Size Dreadnought
  • Solid Mahogany Top
  • Sapele Back/Sides
  • Gig Bag Included

The Limited Taylor Swift-Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

The design of Taylor Swift-Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar was inspired by memories when talented preteen country pop superstar, Taylor Swift, writing songs on her own Taylor Swift-Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar. Constructed on compact ¾-scale Dreadnought, Taylor Swift Baby Taylor features the followings:

  • Crafted from a resilient sapele laminate wood body with a solid Sitka spruce top.
  • Slim 1 11/16-inch tropical American mahogany neck and a compact shape, best option for a young player’s hands.
  • Swift’s custom, screen-printed artwork rosette design features the word “Love” three times among a delicate vine motif.
  • Swift’s signature above the ebony bridge.

The Taylor Swift Baby Acoustic Guitar is available at the same price point as the standard Baby Taylor, and comes with a gig bag.


On the market, there are several options of Baby Taylor available for different guitar players’ preferences and budgets such as BT1, BT2, TS-BT (Taylor Swift Baby Taylor) acoustic guitar for left or right hand.

Personally, I like BT2 that why this Baby Taylor Review is focus on BT2. In fact, the sounds and finishes all of them are awesome! You just choose one and play it without worry about quality of Taylor Guitar brand.

Epiphone DR-100 Review in 2019 – A decent option for the Beginners

Designed with dreadnaught body shape, Epiphone DR-100 is decent acoustic guitar option for the beginner who’s looking for an acoustic guitar that fits, sounds beautifully, has a good looking and most importantly can be bought at a cheaper price.

Epiphone DR-100 is for sale at only around $99 at Amazon. Nice features combined into a lower price tag is the reason why DR-100 becomes the Epiphone’s most selling acoustic guitar recently. Read this Epiphone DR-100 review through to know even further.

Why we write this Epiphone DR-100 review

Epiphone is produced by Gibson Guitars, a high quality guitar manufacturer. If you are just starting to play a guitar and seeking the right entry-level guitar for you, Epiphone DR-100 should be taken into your consideration.

Epiphone acoustic guitars have been popular for their guitars’ sound quality in consumer-friendly prices. For $100 price tag, it’s rather difficult to find other guitar with the same price to stand to its comparison. But if your concern is spending less money, the Epiphone DR-100 is the inexpensive guitars you should buy.

This guitar is precisely constructed from good quality tonewoods; select spruce top, mahogany back, sides and neck, comfortable rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays and chrome hardware.

The sound produced from its dreadnaught body is good clear tone with warm bass. It also features angled (14 degree) headstock that allows you to have more pressure at the nut so you’ll get more sustain with less tuning.

Epiphone DR-100 is decent beginners’ acoustic guitar. It looks great, plays very well, sounds beautifully and most importantly it is very cheap.

Epiphone DR-100 acoustic guitar

To satisfy more players, there are 3 finishes available: Natural, Ebony and Vintage Sunburst. Epiphone DR-100 acoustic guitar truly epitomizes Epiphone’s focus on making affordable instruments that don’t sacrifice quality for economy.

Epiphone DR-100 Features

  • Dreadnought body shape
  • Select Spruce top
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Mahogany neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Scale: 25.5 inches
  • Nut width: 1.68 inches
  • Finishes available: Ebony, Natural, Vintage Sunburst

Minor Issues

Before writing this DR-100 review, we found that there’s a minor issue you should take note. Though not every buyer experiences this, some people say that this guitar doesn’t stay in tune after several plays. The factory strings also could be a bit buzzy for an experienced player. To solve this problem, you can get a new set of strings to fix that immediately.

Considering the sturdy construction, good sound, great playability, inexpensive price and lifetime warranty, Epiphone DR-100 is still best guitar for the money.

Watch how Mark Easley from plays The Beatles’ Norwegian Wood with his favorite guitar, Epiphone DR-100.

Epiphone DR-100 User Feedback and Rating

According to the many buyers of Epiphone DR-100 this is the best beginner acoustic guitar. It is just what an entry level needs: looking good, great sound and cheap price. They even find it stays in tune very well. Visit this page to read more buyer reviews (for vintage sunburst DR-100).

The rating for this Epiphone DR-100 is 4.7 out of 5 which is a good sign that DR-100 is worth considering. There no reason to exclude Epiphone DR-100 since this is a great option to take into account.

Washburn WD10S Acoustic Guitar Review

Washburn WD10S acoustic guitar pretty much over delivers in terms of the sound, aesthetics, durability, craftsmanship and the easy of playing and is my recommendation as the first guitar for beginners and as a regular practice guitar for more advanced players.

As a guitar teacher with an expertise of 35 years and as someone who has bought hundreds of different acoustic and electric guitars for his students, I think I am reasonably qualified enough to review guitars.

I have purchased Washburn WD10S Acoustic Guitar several times (for self and for my students) and now I wanted to share the review of my most played acoustic guitar.

I will try to give the most balanced opinion on the good as well as the not-so-good things about this acoustic guitar.

As is very natural of a medium priced acoustic guitar, the WD10S has it’s own shortcomings and a reader interested in knowing about this guitar would do well to read this to take an informed decision.

guitar would

Beginner’s are also advised to read through the review from the perspective of learning how to assess any acoustic guitar.(and not just the WD10S). Read through this review with the intention to get an idea of things that should be looked into and things that matter when picking up any acoustic guitar.

This is the exact method that I apply to access a guitar and this is something that I have learned over the years buying hundreds of guitars for myself and for my students.

Also, don’t just take my review as your only source of information for the WD10S.

Washburn WD10S specifications

Lets begin with the product specifications provided by the sellers. There is not much to know here except to give it a cursory glance. Wood type and quality used for the top, neck, back, sides and the fingerboard ultimately decide the resonance and the sound quality. The quality of wood is one of the major determinant of the price and sound quality of a acoustic guitar.

Washburn WD10S has a spruce top and the neck, back & sides are made up of high quality mahogany. The fingerboard is made up of rosewood.

  • Both Mahagony and Rosewood are very good material for a guitar in this price range.
  • The Fretboard made of Rosewood allows for an easy fretwork in Washburn WD10S.
  • The tuning knob for WD10S is made up of chrome. Higher end guitars even use Gold for this but it is more about aesthetics and its affect on the sound quality is negligible.

The two best selling models of Washburn WD10S comes are

  1. # Natural (model number: WD10S).
  2. # Black (model number: WD10SB).
Natural Deluxe

The guitar is also available in Natural Deluxe, Natural Satin, Quilted Sunburst Tobacco Sunburst and White. The deluxe editions are higher priced and my preference is black and natural in the order mentioned.

The WD10S comes with a limited lifetime warranty. So that is all about the product specifications. Now lets assess the WD10S on various parameters. For sake of clarity, I have broken down the parameters into two segments – Things that I liked and the things that I did not like about the Washburn WD10S Acoustic Guitar.

Things I liked about Washburn WD10S

1. Price & the Value for money

The WD10S is a bang for buck deal and no other guitar comes even closer at this price. I mean, which guitar would offer a Solid Pruce top, Mahogany back, sides, and neck, a sleek Rosewood fingerboard, bound Vinci strings, Grover-style sealed tuners and a case.

Rosewood fingerboard

And as if all this was not enough, this comes along with the SCHALLER sealed tuners system. This is something I had never expected to get at this low a price.

The only other option that some how comes close to this sound quality in this range is the Alvarez MD350C but it comes for an additional two hundred dollars. The Gibson, Alvarez, Yamaha, Martin and other brands have no offerings in this price range. This is perhaps the reason, Washburn WD10S has been the best seller for more than 10 years.

2. Sound quality

A sweet pitch not only the upper strings but even the lower strings is something very unique to WD10S, thanks to the SCHALLER sealed tuners system. But perhaps the best thing about the WD10S is an exceptional pluck harmonics at almost every fret.

The good quality mahogany and solid spruce renders a warm full tone. This is something that lower end guitars with laminated tops will not offer.

3. Craftsmanship

The Washburn WD10S is a product of exceptional craftsmanship. The attention paid to details renders an nice warm tone. The fret is laid down with sharp precision and it results in almost nil fret buzz. After the first few days that it takes to adjust, Washburn WD10S stays in tune, thus doing away with the need for frequent tuning.

The narrow fretboard design makes playing a breeze. The Vinci strings that come with the original Washburn WD10S are perhaps the best match for the guitar. I had once replaced the Vinci acoustic guitar strings with the D’Addario and I did not like the tone.

The string response time of WD10S is pretty good thus it is easy to match the rhythm.

4. Ease of playing

The fret board and the neck of Washburn D10S is the thinnest and one of it kind in the acoustic guitar segment (resembles the thickness of elcetric guitars). This greatly eases improvisations on the guitar. No doubt Washburn D10S is a teacher’s favourite as teaching & learning becomes very easy with the WD10S.

5. Aesthetics

I like the finish of the guitar. This is more of a personal choice though and nothing to do with the playing.

Things I did not like about Washburn WD10S

You should know this before you buy a Washburn WD10S – The guitar is made in China. Without in ways intending to be derogatory, I have had very bad experience with ‘made-in-China’ products.

I was pretty skeptical about buying a Wash burn WD10S when I heard about this.But a limited life time warranty by the manufacturers eased out things for me at that time.

I rarely use my gig bag for the WD10S because I simply want it to come handy when ever I get into the mood but the guitar has survived me despite my rough usage. And now after several years of my tryst with the WD10S, I guess it has proved me wrong over and over again.

And I guess, this is the reason why Washburn has been able to price the guitar so low, despite offering so many amazing features in this guitar. Despite this I am still skeptical to embrace any other Chinese-made guitar except for the Washburn WD10S. I guess that’s me.

Concluding Remarks on Washburn WD10S Acoustic Guitar

I review a lot of high-end guitars of numerous brands…, so I have a good deal of experience with them all. So honestly it will not be possible to give a 100% marks to the WD10S on the sound quality with all high-end guitars offering a more richer sound.

But on a day to day basis, I guess this is the guitar that I would have played the most. Why ? Because, I like its sound and I do not have to keep it and take it out of covers every time I want to play .

This under $300 guitar pretty much over delivers in terms of the sound, aesthetics, durability, craftsmanship and the easy of playing and is my recommendation as the first guitar for beginners and as a regular practice guitar for more advanced players.


The last time I bought this guitar around, seven months back when the piece was more expensive. The Washburn WD10S Acoustic Guitar has now been selling at a much lower price and I am really cheap that I paid a higher price for mine.

Washburn WD10S low price deals and perhaps save good amount of dollars towards buying standard picks, guitar straps, additional strings and possibly a tab sheet for recording your learning. This guitar comes with a case so you do not have to buy a gig bag to keep it free from scratches.

Jasmine S35 Review

These guitars are generally for the beginner guitar player to not invest too much into their instrument until they get better. However, this guitar will last for years to come and still play great. I use mine as a camp guitar so I don’t worry about getting nicks or scratches on it. Very Durable!

guitar player

As a guitar teacher that having taught guitar for more than 35 years and also having owned and played on Jasmine by Takamine S35 acoustic guitar for 7 months, I wanted to share my review of this acoustic guitar.

However, this Jasmine by Takamine S35 acoustic guitar review will not sugar-coat the Jasmine S35. As is expected of a low price acoustic guitar for newbies, it does have it’s own set of some shortcomings. This is a basic-entry-level-guitar and it lacks a lot of desirable features of a standard guitar.

Also, don’t just take this review as your only source of information. You could read more reviews of several buyers who have bought or played this guitar.

So, is this guitar good ? Does it fit into my wish-list for students ? Whom, if at will I recommend this guitar to ? and much more… So Here’s my comprehensive take on the S35 acoustic guitar.

Features of Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar:

  1. Top: Laminated Spruce,
  2. Back & Sides: Laminated Nato,
  3. Fingerboard: Rosewood,
  4. Bridge: Rosewood,
  5. Tuners: Chrome Plated,
  6. Satin Finish: Natural Gloss for good resonance,
  7. Nut Width: 1 11/16″,
  8. Scale Length: 25 3/8″,
  9. Product Dimensions: 42.5 x 19.2 x 7 (inches),
  10. Weight: 10.7 pounds.

The Two Different Types of Takamine Jasmine Guitars

1. Dreadnought

The standard dreadnought of the  Jasmine by Takamine S35 is great for most beginners. When learn to play acoustic guitar as a beginner you rarely access the high frets. This Jasmine by Takamine S35 is much more affordable and even advanced players prefer a good dreadnought guitar. So, this Jasmine S35 is my pick! I love it!

2. Cutaway

Is just that, part of the body of the Jasmine by Takamine S34C has been cutaway. This makes the higher frets on the fretboard much easier to access when shredding up and down the fretboard. A little more of an advanced acoustic guitar if you ask me. Also, it’s has a bit more expensive than Jasmine S35. Worth it though if you want an acoustic guitar that will last through all stages of your playing and abilities

Why I liked Jasmine by Takamine S35 Acoustic Guitar

1. Price & the value for money

dreadnought guitar

The Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar is an amazing deal. For this price range, it is the BEST sounding guitar you’ll get. The Gibson, Martin, Yamaha and other brands have no better offering in this price range.

The Takamine Jasmine S35 dreadnough acoustic guitar is good for beginners. It has a large, full, deep sounds. Of course, the sounds of the Jasmine S35 is amazing warm and full. However, it isn’t a $500 acoustic guitar but its sound makes it seem like more expensive guitar.

2. Craftsmanship

[ I am sure some of musicians wouldn’t agree more on what I thinks about ]. The craftsmanship of Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar is more better than is expected for a entry-level-low-priced acoustic guitar. The attention given to details combines together to render an nice tone and good plucked harmonics, something that determines the good playability which is most important for beginners. The action is low but not buzz when playing, It’s clear and crisp sound!

3. Ease of playing

In terms of playing, I must say that the action is quite comfortable (if not the best) thereby helping the beginners pick up the guitar faster. Jasmine by Takamine S35 acoustic guitar is an easy instrument to play and to keep in tune.

The action is pretty O.K and is not at all bad (it is surprising for a low-end acoustic guitar!) as was suggested by some reviews that I had read for Jasmine S35. The fretboard is also pretty comfortable making it really easy easy manoeuvrings through it.

Things I dislike about Jasmine by Takamine S35 Acoustic Guitar

1. Low String response time

Takamine S35

Well I shouldn’t be complaining about its price but you should know this before you possibly purchase this S35 acoustic guitar. The strings response time is a bit on the lower side and could be a small hindrance for the beginners.

But I look at it in this way – picking up on any instrument is only a matter of habit. If you have learn driving on a big vehicle, and with smaller vehicles are all the more easier to handle.

2. Laminated wood

Laminated wood will reduce the influence of humidity and temperature but their sounds will never improve with age.

And… that’s it!

In my experience as a guitar teacher, I have seen so many people who start learning on their own quit in the first few months... and Why?

Because lets admit that it is painful in the beginning phases to rub your fingers against the fretboard. Once you pick up a few songs it starts becoming a pleasure.

In that case, there is no point spending a huge amount of money to buy a guitar and then realize that its not working out for you. When you find yourself picking really well you can then consider buying your best guitar say after a years time.

1. Best things in life are for Free

If you are keen on picking up guitar really fast, you could possibly invest in a book. Better still, if you have an internet connection, I recommend you to follow the Free guitar lessons from Zentao.

I have been teaching guitar for more than a decade and I have seen thousands of teaching methodologies during these years. I can safely vouch that the free lessons are equal to (if not better) than many of the pricey guitar lessons currently available in the market.

This Free Guitar course is broken down into 20 lessons that you can learn at your own pace. The teaching methodology is perhaps the best at Zentao and the icing on the cake is that it is absolutely Free .

2. Another point worth knowing

I bought this guitar around seven months back when the piece was more expensive at that. Jasmine by Takamine S35 Acoustic Guitar has gone further cheap since that time and I am still chapped that I paid a much higher price for mine.


Overall the Jasmine by Takamine S35 Acoustic Guitar is good value. It’s a great acoustic guitar for newbies, or someone who doesn’t wanna spend a lot of money, but wants a good quality full sized acoustic guitar.