Applause by Ovation AC128 Acoustic-Electric Guitars Review

When looking for a guitar, various factors need to be considered before the purchase is made. The sound quality, the feel of the guitar, and the durability needs to be considered.  Purchasing the best guitar needs time and patience.

The acoustic-electric guitar has revolutionized stringed instruments. In the market, there are many guitars that claim to be the best, but prove to be not as described. With this guitar, however, the difference is that it delivers according to all reviews and much more.

Ovation has been using the lyramold shallow bowl design for forty-five years. They have been able to refine the design to give off the best sound quality. This is contrary to what many people believe that the guitar needs a deep bowl to produce the best sound.

1. Applause AE128-RR Review

The Applause AE128-RR Acoustic Electric Guitar produces high-quality sound, both indoors and outdoors, for only $184. For a 3.2-kilo top-class guitar, the price is reasonable. The main features of the guitar include:

  • The acoustic-electric guitar has an OP-4B preamp, which is active unlike some that are passive and give the desired results.
  • The Ovation AE128-RR guitar has a super shallow bowl that makes it extra light. The spruce top, made of acrylic fabric, is glossy and gives the guitar a natural classic feel.
  • Adjustable mahogany neck connected to a fingerboard. Depending on the preference of the player, it can be either straight or slanted.

Who is it for?

Unlike the majority of the guitars that need a person to be either an amateur or professional, the Applause AE128-RR Guitar can be used by both categories of people, virtually anyone who can play the guitar. Although the quality of the music produced will differ, the overall quality of the sound produced is good.

Pros and Cons

The Applause AE128-RR Acoustic Guitar has a movable truss rod neck with a fretboard as its base, which has dot inlays. Perhaps the most outstanding and unique quality the acoustic-electric guitar has is that the top is manufactured from acrylic fabric instead of the conventional wood or laminate.

The Applause AE128-RR Electric Guitar is light and weight. This enables it to be the best guitar for people on the move. The lyramold shallow bowl brings out the excellent quality of reverberation and pitch, unlike what people say that the bowl needs to be deep.

AE128-RR Acoustic Electric Guitar

The amalgamated acrylic body lasts longer compared to traditional wood or laminated wood, which most guitars have been built with. The combination of the OP-4B preamp and CP100 pick up makes the electronics in the guitar run efficiently.

Although the 9-Volt-batteries to operate the active preamp are given with the first purchase, the preamp and CP100 combination does not last for long; therefore, the replacement will happen earlier than planned. The restricted equalizer, which consists of three bands, only limits the volume production. The quality of the sound is not affected but the volume is low compared to other guitars.

Why buy it

The Applause AE128-RR Guitar gives the best quality sound among most of the acoustic-electric guitars in the market. Anyone can play it, the reason why it is a good purchase.

2. Applause AE128-4 Super Shallow

The Applause AE128-4 Super shallow Guitar is an excellent deal for someone who wants to enjoy making music at a reasonable cost. Features of the acoustic-electric guitar are:

  • Rounded shallow bow, which is similar to the Ovation AE128-RR guitar. This is for the production of high-quality sound
  • The bridge that controls the vibrations is not supported by anything. With this, they are still able to ensure good quality sound production.
  • The fretboard is intricately designed to ensure that the strings are permanently in place and the hand can move freely without any hindrance.
  • Reliable electronics that ensure the guitar works efficiently and the sound quality produced is high.

Who is it for?

All acoustic-electric guitars can be used by anyone, as long as they can play the guitar. However, with the Super Shallow AE 128-4 is best for beginners, those training to be professional guitar players.

Pros and Cons

As the new, modern Ovation series of guitars, the lyramold round back design is also the preferred design for the Applause AE128-4 The simplicity characterized with this acoustic-electric guitar is good and makes it the best learning guitar when someone wants to learn.

Applause AE128-4 Super Shallow

The timbre or quality that the guitar resonates is good enough for both professionals and learners to enjoy using it. The weight makes it a favorite for people on the move.

When playing, the acoustic-electric guitar fits snuggly on the lap. When upright, it hangs at the right position for comfortable playing. The material used to make the guitar is durable. This contributes a big portion of the reason why the guitar is not highly priced.

The Applause AE128-4 Super shallow Guitar does not have an incorporated tuner. Although this has reduced the overall price, the efficiency is cut short because of the absence of the tuner; nevertheless, the quality is not affected.

Why buy it

For a beginner, the Applause AE128-4  is the best deal to have because it offers the basics in guitar playing, the highest quality for a simple guitar. For the professional guitar player, it is also a good deal; however, it is better for a professional to go for the AE128-RR acoustic guitar.


The Applause AE128 Guitars is top-of-the-range. They have some issues with the structural integrity but overall, it is a necessary have from the experienced guitarist.

In an overall view, Applause AE128 Guitars gets the job done, giving high-quality sound for someone who does not want to spend a lot of money on a guitar.

Jasmine by Takamine ES31C Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

The Jasmine by Takamine ES31C Acoustic Electric Guitar will help you express your musical creativity like you’ve never been able to do before.

If you want to start exploring your hidden talents, this guitar is a great choice. It is available at a very low price that makes it so you don’t have to worry about losing a lot of money if you decide guitars aren’t for you.

Takamine has been building quality guitars for more than 50 years.  It started out as a small family business and has since grown into an internationally known company. 

They pride themselves on advancing guitar technology in order to advance guitar playing.  Takamine went international in 1975 and has continued to flourish ever since then.

This guitar is 41.5 inches long, 18.5 inches wide, and 5.6 inches deep.  It also weighs 6.3 pounds.  This makes it a fairly lightweight and compact model that is great for musicians that are on the go or students that have to make do with little room.  If you are either of those, then you would do very well with this guitar.

Price and Main Features List

You can buy this amazing guitar for just $139.95.  This is an extremely low price and is especially impressive when you consider the features, which include:

  • Like other Takamine guitars, the Jasmine is made by the finest luthiers to ensure top quality design, construction, and quality control.
  • The guitar is specifically designed to be easy for beginners to use and learn on.
  • There is a Piezo pickup under the bridge as well as a control section that contains volume and tone controls to ensure a sound you like.
  • The high gloss finish adds to the guitar’s attractive appearance.
  • You can count on a good sound thanks to the high quality materials used.  The top is made of spruce and the fingerboard of rosewood.  The body of the guitar is Nato.

Who is it for?

This great guitar is meant in every way for the beginning guitarist.  Whether you have never touched a set of strings before, or if you just want to get some experience with an acoustic-electric guitar, this Jasmine is a great choice for you thanks to its low price and simple controls.

beginning guitarist

Pros and cons

There are a lot of great benefits to this guitar.  The cost is very low which makes it a great choice for someone on a budget and the controls and construction are simple enough for any beginner to understand.  The feature of this guitar that makes it more amazing than many of its competitors is its cost. 

While simply having a low price may not seem like enough, it absolutely is when that low cost gets you a guitar that is every bit as good as more expensive models.

The downside is that someone more experienced may not be satisfied by the quality or features offered.

Why you Should Buy it

The best reason to buy the Jasmine ES31C is if you want to learn to play but can’t or won’t drop multiple hundreds of dollars on a fancier guitar.


Overall, this Jasmine ES31C Acoustic Electric Guitar is a wonderful choice for anyone that wants to learn how to play guitar.

Takamine EG523SC Review – Cool Acoustic Guitar With Jumbo Cutaway

Takamine acoustic guitar is a manufacturer that has a very good reputation, in terms of quality can not be underestimated, Takamine is a guitars manufacturer from Japan and Takamine became one of the most popular guitar in country music.

Additionally Takamine also provide products for various levels, from high-end to low-end, certainly with quality adjusted.

Takamine EG523SC First Glance

At this time I would like to give a review Takamine EG523SC guitar with his jumbo cutaway. Not only the quality of the material and the sound that you want to highlight by Takamine, but also in terms of aesthetics, with great guitar’s body still look beautiful.

It features a solid spruce top with maple been burned back and sides and a natural gloss. The fretboard is rosewood and is adorned with beautiful mother of pearl and abalone block inlays.

Not only that, this guitar is also available in other colors, which is black. So for fans of black acoustic guitar can still make this guitar for consideration.

For some electric acoustic guitar, they will display the sound performance is excellent when plugged into the amplifier but will lose its performance when it is not plugged or simply played without amplifiers.

But not with this guitar, although not connected to the amplifier will still produce excellent sound quality, due to its large body so it has a good sound resonance.

Takamine EG523SC First Glance

This guitar can provide a fairly balanced sound as a whole and that if we hear the voice clearly provide magnificent voice and no tone outdo one another deeply felt, and when used as a strumming guitar provides great sound.

This guitar uses upgraded features TK40 Takamine pre-amp system with three-band EQ, notch filter and a mid contour switch. Of course also equipped with a tuner like other electric acoustic guitar.

Jumbo Body Common Issue

I think, quite a lot of people who do not like the jumbo acoustic guitar with a body like Takamine EG523SC, as well as me, because certainly relate to comfort when playing the guitar, because I wanted to play the guitar not lap an elephants. But this guitar is not as it looks, because when we use the guitar, it did not feel that this is a jumbo-sized guitar.

For guitar action, the action of the guitar straight out of the box was nice and low. So we do not need to grasp this guitar very hard that causes pain in our fingers.

But there are the rumors circulating, some people who have this guitar on average felt fret buzz in a close relationship with the body of the guitar neck, but this can be overcome by taking it to a guitar luthier.

Overall, EG523SC Takamine guitar is very nice, because it can provide all the needs that you are looking for in an acoustic guitar with a $ 500 price range.

Things that make this guitar excels in my opinion because this guitar still provide a good quality sound when not plug into an amplifier, so I do not have to always connect to the amplifier when it wants to play.

D’Angelico Guitars – New Yorker EXL-1 Vintage Jazz Look Review

The first time I saw D’Angelico New Yorker EXL-1 Guitar, I immediately felt that this D’Angelico guitar very vintage. I think this guitar is not only interesting for a jazz musician, but also collectors of musical instrument will definitely love this guitar.

This guitar has a very unique shape, classic and charming, plus the presence of the arch top on this guitar that makes it look different from other guitars. If you are a fan of Chuck Wayne or Johnny Smith then you must be familiar with D’Angelico Guitar.

If you are a professional jazz musician or want to boost up your appearance on stage, playing jazz music with a D’Angelico New Yorker EXL-1 guitar will simultaneously spreading strong jazz aura, at least in my view.

Arch Top Model Guitar With Comfortable Size

Guitar with an Arch Top model like this is quite a lot of demand, such as the legendary guitar brand Gibson, who has an arch top model.

If you get bored with arch top guitar from Gibson brand or want to collect arch top guitar models, the D’Angelico New Yorker has become the perfect choice for you, because this guitar has a comfortable size as Gibson.

D’Angelico Guitars

Neck of the guitar has a size of a width of 1 11/16 “, such as standard gibson. Laminated body size has a width of 17″ with a depth of 3” with significant arch visible on the top and rear. Then this guitar has a scale length equivalent to 25.5 EXL “. If you are a fan of Johnny Smith certainly you will feel a similar tone color.

D’Angelico yorker EXL-1 has become sufficiently strong competitor in jazz guitar in the world, because of the excellent quality of the materials and the resulting sound, I think this guitar can compete with major brands such as Gibson guitars, Fender and other American jazz guitar.

The guitar neck is absolutely straight, I think the only luthier professional who can do this, plus the setting action of guitar that can be adjusted freely to be close to the fretboard so it is quite comfortable to play, I was hesitant to setting the action this low, whether it will be a buzzy? Apparently after I listen carefully, there is no buzz at all that is generated, how amazed I am with this guitar.

I can say that this guitar is a classy guitar, or high-end. This guitar also dare to compete with the big brands that manufacture US jazz guitar, the qualities of this guitar is not cheap quality, professional jazz players will definitely love this guitar. Therefore, I find it normal that these guitars sell for more than $ 1,000.

How Much For The Market Price ?

The market price of these guitars ranging from $ 1,200 to $ 1,900. Yes, the price given was fantastic, but with the expensive market price given to this guitar, it still place this guitar at the cheapest price among competitors.

Gibson ES-175 is a heavy enough competitors for new yorker EXL-1, the difference is in the tone of the guitar, the Gibson ES has a classic jazz tone while EXL has a clear sound of electric jazz.

The decision to choose a guitar which one would you buy is not my decision, everything is back to your taste and your budget, I hope the review that I gave about archtop jazz guitar can help you be wise in before buying a guitar jazz that are quite expensive like this.

Otherwise, if you are low on budget you do not need to be worry, there are some Acoustic Guitar With Good Sound out there.

Yamaha Acoustic Electric Guitar Deep Review

Yamaha acoustic electric guitar becomes the most eminent guitar type nowadays.  The need for quality sound produced by the strings seemed to be an opportunity for Yamaha to release the best innovation in providing the unique and stylish acoustic electric guitar.

Through the contact pickup technology consists of piezo crystal and multilayer damper, Yamaha presents the best offering to fulfill the desire of this stringed instrument lovers.

This technology is obviously not the foreign thing for the guitar player. The sound quality generated from the strings of Yamaha acoustic guitar can be played beautifully as loud as if it is generated from Yamaha electric guitar. Concern to the quality of guitar body and strings, it is obviously no doubt because the whole world has recognized the greatness of Yamaha guitars.

Pros and Cons of Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

If you face the time to consider what types of guitar you like to buy, it is necessary to know the pros and contras from the nearby reviews. Acoustic electric guitar of Yamaha becomes the versatile Yamaha guitar which can be more portable by the choice of using amplifier or not. You can still play the guitar with good quality of string sound without amplifier needed.

The next time when you need to amplify the sound of its acoustic, you only need to plug amplifier into the available contact pickup. This is the plus side of this guitar than ordinary Yamaha acoustic guitar. On the other hand, you cannot play electric guitar without any amplifier as the string sound is not as loud as the acoustic one.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

This makes the acoustic electric guitar more portable than electric guitar, you can also look at Voyage Air Guitar if you place portability on your first list. It is also a perfect combination if you play acoustic electric guitar with the bass guitar. While the amplifier is not a must, this guitar is less expensive than the electric one.

You can also choose the string type to get choices of classical with nylon string and acoustic with steel string.

In order to support your mellow sound, classical Yamaha NTX700 can be a good choice. If you need to play the popular songs, acoustic APX500 and APX500II are the nice ones to fulfill it. Also the price for both APX500 and APX500II is under $500, you can find some similiar level guitar in Acoustic Guitar Under $500. To be considered, if you start to learn the guitar playing, the steel string is harder on the finger than the nylon one.

The Pros of the Guitars of Yamaha

1. Body Comfort and Convenient

Several series of Yamaha acoustic electric guitar are designed with slim bodies which combine the comfort and ease of holding the top fret. The convenience of using the guitar will make you forget while you are already playing guitar for hours.

With a very light weight, approximately 3 kg, the guitar is comfortable to carry anywhere or even played in a standing position. This makes no aching shoulder.

2. Acoustic Resonance Transducer

Acoustic Resonance Transducer

Acoustic Resonance Transducer is a newly developed technology of contact pickup which consists of several layers with unique structure. These layers can produce optimal dynamic sound balance. The contact pickup consists of cover, piezo crystal and multilayer damper. Piezo crystal helps as preamplifier to amplify the string signal and resonance it to the multilayer damper.

Multilayer damper consists of 6 layers and each layer has different material which is able not only to capture and amplify the little resonance but also to control and harmonize the excessive resonance.  It also helps to control the overtune. As consequence, it will create a dynamic and clear sound balanced.

3. Great Choice of Yamaha APX500 and APX500II

Have you ever heard the clarity of Ed Sheeran’s guitar sound while playing Thinking Out Loud? Same with him, Korean guitarists Depapepe also usually do their jamming session with this guitar.  Choices you can consider to choose are series of Yamaha APX500 and APX500II. It is the best seller nowadays because of cheap price.

APX series guitar is designed with thin body style and excellent cutaway. Body depth is about 80-90 mm and nut width is about 43 mm, it is not a big deal to carry this convenient Yamaha acoustic electric guitar. Final touch of spruce material covers nato or meranti back, side and neck; also rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

Strong draft provides a perfect response with thick coverage of medium and high tones. It has a solid bony frame which has the function of strengthening the body but also acoustically produce outstanding sound balance. Oval hole offers a unique characteristic of sound.

Yamaha-APX500 Vs APX500II

Yamaha APX-500II is equipped with a tuner version of System55. Tuner sound has advantages in convenience of use, knob positioning, easy to operate and easily seen position. This tuner is also equipped with an auto-off timer for every one minute that is designed to save battery life.

4. Nice Playability of NTX700

NTX700 has a thin body and narrow neck. The nylon string tone will provide mellow harmonization. It is very comfort to carry this guitar with cutaway shape and 14th fret neck joints.

It has solid spruce top with back and side of nato material, also fingerboard and bridge of rosewood material.  Its body depth is about 80-90 mm and nut width is about 48 mm. When considering the quality, it is not a big deal to pay more.

It also provides Yamaha original innovation technology of Acoustic Resonance Enhancement. The wooden body of this guitar is precisely controlled atmospheric pressure, humidity and temperature so that it will have manipulative acoustical condition.

As a result, the string sound is similar with sound from a vintage guitar which has been played for a long time.

This guitar is usually played with combination of latin jazz melodies. Jazz guitarists, such as Sal Salvador and Hermeto Pacoal, present their song with Yamaha NTX700. The acoustic guitar can provide sharp tone in high range dissonance control.

The nylon string itself is milder than steel one. Yamaha NTX700 is equipped with preamp System61 which allow you to control the treble and bass volume.

Any kind of Yamaha electric guitar you choose, do not forget to make it in accordance with your objective. Choosing of acoustic, classical, or electrical is based on amenities and playability. Considering the budget you want to use is also a good way.

The Best of Dean Acoustic Guitar with Review

Dean acoustic guitar is one of the acoustic instruments which are famous since its first debut in 1977. At that time, the needs of musical instruments is started to increase. Any kind of music are sold well, from the side of the road until in the stage of fabulous ship, acoustic music is a thing that is hunted.

That is why everybody loves to hear acoustic, especially acoustic music that represents its era. No wonder if there are a lot of people who want to know about best guitar for beginners.

Although acoustic guitar well known to be the most popular music instrument, there are also some other guitars are offered by the manufacturers. Dean guitar is one of the producers that are concern in producing high quality guitar for all types of guitar.

How many strings do you need to play? Is it six or seven strings? Both guitars are already made well by this professional guitar maker. You have to know more about types of guitars.

Good Acoustic Guitars from Dean Guitar

Manufacturer’s experience is one of the aspects that must be considered before you choose stuff from that factory. It is the same when you want to select a high quality guitar that can produce awesome sounds.

Dean Guitar is one of the oldest guitar factory that already tested by the masters. The products are standing out in many prestigious stages and uncounted best music studios all around the world.

Versions of guitar that you can find in the Dean Guitar catalogue are not only belonging to acoustic genre. There are some other genres that are fulfilled by the Dean Guitars.

Some guitars that are sold pretty well are iconic electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses and so on. Owned by musicians made guitars produced by Dean are well finished and proper to be used as sounding acoustic guitar.

Good Acoustic Guitars

Many years of making has proven that Dean Products are trusted. All the types are well controlled; it has awesome reliability, quality and value.

The quality has been proven by the part time acoustic players, weekend music café players, and young bands until the professional artists and musicians. The factory calls the Dean Guitar users as the part of their journey which is called as Dean Legacy.

Dean Acoustic Electric Guitar: Performer Koa

With an amazing history, the company has succeeded in promoting their guitars to all music stores all around the world. Let’s say one of the products that cost $429.99. It is called as Performer Koa, an acoustic guitar that is already included an electrical system. You can barely play it in the evening or just plug it to your great quality amplifier in order to get a better sound and greater satisfaction.

Based on the comfort and the reliability, we can say that this one is belong grate beginner acoustic guitar. The top part of the guitar is covered by the laminated Koa.

However, official site of Dean is tending to say that the Koa is most likely as maple wood. The neck composition is still fabulous with its rosewood fret board materials. Additional comfort will be available because it applies cutaway style body.

Produced sound from this resonance space is really nice. Even you play the guitar in jazz or soft rock music; the overall tones are still peaceful. With an awesome appearance and design, the guitar is having high rating, especially with its low price.

The born of this Performer Koa is really complete the guitar product lists of Dean Acoustic Guitar which is available in the guitar central store.

The impression and sound quality of Performer Koa will never make you regret as well as Leslie West done. He carries the Koa based guitar to his show while performing his masterpiece.

Meanwhile, it is also good to look at the other best buy guitars in the music industry. One of them is Exotica Quilt Ash. If you the lover and player of alt rock, classic rock, hard rock and acoustic folk, this guitar is your perfect mate.

Dean Exotica Quilt Ash

Costs around $300 will never make your pocket drain. You can even complete your performance need such as your guitar amplifier, effects and so on without sacrificing your guitar quality. As a rock player, your practice session will be longer than any other music genre.

Beside that the tension and guitar use will be harder than any other type. That is why you have to consider this one. It gives you good durability.

Some users are already proving it all. There is a player hold Exotica Quilt Ash for more than 3 years and a half. After that time, all the parts of the instruments are still good and the guitar is ready to be a stage partner.

Although the output of this best cheap acoustic guitar is not on the top of the line, it is still provide awesome crisp, loud and balanced sound. However, you will still need an improvement to be perfect.

Dean Exotica

Other features that are attached to this beautiful finished guitar are including the 3 bands EQ and tuner. When the other guitars in the same line are using the cutaway body style, this one is applying a grand orchestra body style.

In flash, you will saw a beautiful classic guitar with high aesthetic value stick on. But, if we back talking about the sound, you can select the Martin, Guild or Taylor as the better products.

If the Exotica Quilt Ash was made popular by Uli Jon Roth, here we are the guitar that is ever used by Eddie Veliz. Basically, both Uli and Eddie are staying at the similar music genre.

However, their favorite guitar was different each other. Eddie Veliz tends to love the guitar with warm color and simple look. In short, we may say that Eddie make quality and comfort as the priority.

Eddie uses Exotica FM 12 as his performance mate. He also assumed that this guitar is one of best starter guitar which is ever born. Outside body of this impressive guitar are completed by the maple top based.

The back and the side of the guitar are also completed with maple materials. Overall length of the guitar is up to 25.5 inches. Some adjustment panel like scale length, Grover tuner and inlay are added.

Dean Guitars really provide high class quality of musical instrument for all of its users. Cutting of the price does not mean cutting of the guitar’s quality and performance.

According to many of objective and subjective review, we may conclude that guitars from Dean are the best sounding acoustic guitar. Variety of style and model also gives freedom to the buyer in choose the best and the most fits one.

Seagull Entourage Rustic Guitar Review

Seagull Entourage Rustic Guitar

Seagull Entourage Rustic Guitar is inspired by the previous popular Seagull guitar, S6 Original Slim. The custom finish, Rustic Burst, brings more benefit to its performance and durability since it protects the guitar for a long time and allows the sound to be even better if you play this Seagull Entourage Rustic guitar more and more overtime.

Seagull Entourage Rustic guitar is suitable for any players at any level. Just like the Seagull S6, it has a slim neck (1.72″ nut width) which is more preferred by players who are more friendly with traditional nut width. Also for those who do flat picking, Seagull Entourage slim neck may be more to their liking.

Seagull Entourage Appearance and Features

Manufactured in La Patrie, a small village in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada, where about half of the population are guitar builders, Seagull Entourage is guaranteed crafted finely and built upon the luthier’s pride.

You can see how it looks:

  • Select pressure tested solid cedar tops
  • Wild cherry back & sides
  • A new arched rosette adding structural integrity to the area around the sound-hole
  • Cream double binding, and
  • The new Rustic Burst Custom Polished finish

More Features on Seagull Entourage Rustic Acoustic Guitar

The using of select pressure tested solid tops in Seagull Entourage will also allow you to have more advantages:

  • Ensure the optimal harmonic vibration along with highest levels of stiffness and rigidity.
  • Increase stability while reducing warping and twisting due to climate changes.

Tusq nut and fully compensated saddle are another great Seagull Entourage features that the manufacturer, Godin Guitars, has added to this one of the great acoustic guitars for beginners.

Some of those Seagull Entourage players have said

“They were both beautiful guitars as well, all professional sounding, all beautifully made.”

“Great guitar, definately recomended!”

“Please make sure to humidify your guitar it will save you money and keep your guitar sounding good for many years to come.”

Where to get Seagull Entourage Rustic at inexpensive price?

Use the form beside to check if you are lucky enough to get your most favorite guitar for sale with great discount.We recommend Amazon to buy this great acoustic guitar.

Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar Review – Very Friendly for Beginners

Fender DG-8S is another acoustic guitar recommended for those who just learn to play guitar but are not sure enough if they’re going to enjoy playing guitar. Some people are a bit skeptical of this “value pack” guitar tagged for a low price. To tell you the truth, the DG-8S is Fender’s very popular acoustic guitar package.

It features a dreadnaught body shape with solid Spruce top, produces a good sound, has an impressive look and it came with a lot of stuff that’s very useful for beginners. It’s also a decent guitar for players in intermediate level. More over, IT’S A FENDER, a well known guitar brand that has been building up their reputation over the years by selling high quality guitars.

As we have said, Fender DG-8S is a perfect starter guitar pack as it came with a lot of useful stuff for beginners like strings, picks and even a strap so you can start playing.

It’s also packed with a decent gig bag and instructional DVD with a good clarity that is very easy for a newbie to understand how to play an acoustic guitar.

Let’s Review Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar a Dig Deeper

Tonewoods and the Look

Constructed in dreadnaught X-bracing body shape, DG-8S uses solid spruce top, laminated mahogany back and sides, rosewood on bridge with compensated saddle and features extras like dual action truss rod and chrome die cast tuners. It has a classic acoustic guitar appearance with a black pickguard and shiny-and-smooth natural finish.

The sound

Fender DG-8S produces an amazing clarity and tone. The sound is good so you will never guess that it comes from such an inexpensive acoustic guitar. You’ll agree that Fender DG-8S has a beautiful acoustic tone for the money.

The strings you have on it will also influence the tone produced. Not to say you can’t get good sound with the strings provided, but changing the strings to best ones makes Fender DG-8S sounding much better.


The width of the nut is narrow and it makes Fender DG-8S very friendly for beginners with average size hand to play the basic chords. Neck thickness is also so right so you’ll be feeling comfort when playing this guitar.

The DVD came with it adds another benefit since it teaches the basics about acoustic guitar playing. Great package for starter and intermediate guitar players.

Fender DG-8S Minor Issue

Trying to be honest in writing this Fender DG-8S Review, we have to let you know that there are a few people responding negatively to this guitar. It’s about the guitar’s neck which is a two-piece neck, snapped in half where they’re glued together.

Fender DG-8S Review

People prefer to use a solid wood for the neck and we do agree that solid wood is better. However, Fender must have designed DG-8S carefully and obviously wouldn’t risk their brand for such a bad product.

Please be noted that this issue is minor and not that every Fender DG-8S’ buyers will complain about. In fact, the happy buyers may say the other way around against it. This problem might be caused by mistreatment like putting DG-8S unplayed for a long period outside its gig bag instead of keeping it dry on proper place or in case.

We have seen mistreatment like this made most expensive models had more problems than this cheap DG-8S acoustic guitar.

Fender DG-8S or Yamaha FG700S?

beginner guitar players

We have seen some beginner guitar players are in this most asked question:  Fender DG-8S vs Yamaha FG700S, which one is better? Now in fact, both of them are best guitars for a starter.

Considering the money you will invest, they are for sale under $300 with Yamaha FG700S is a bit more expensive than Fender DG-8S.


Look at the price tag, read the features once more then consider it yourself. By far, we recommend this Fender DG-8S as one of top notch beginners acoustic guitars for your dollar.

It’s rare to find another high value guitar package in this price range. This is a great value. You get a good guitar and a bunch of stuff to go with it.

Taylor GS Mini Review, Mini can Mean Max

Taylor GS Mini is a scaled-down grand symphony (GS) body shape acoustic guitar, well-built, nice attractive, highly playable and sounding a solid bass and full rich tone. Though scaled-down, The Taylor GS Mini’s deep body which is flawlessly constructed using high quality tonewoods really makes it feels and sounds like a full-size guitar.

With all those great features, this guitar has won the Gold Medal Travel Guitar and Silver Medal Guitar of the Year in 2011 Players Choice Awards.

Silver Medal Guitar

What Taylor GS Mini guitar is offering you?

Taylor GS Mini is made in Mexico by Taylor Guitars and inspired by the born of Baby Taylor. It once again proved that scaled-down guitars designed for travelers or kids could also sound very great.

Taylor GS Mini Features

One from our recommended acoustic guitars under $500 for beginners, this guitar offers the following features:

  • GS (grand symphony) Mini body size produces clear, full sound and pairs with the ingenious ES-Go pickup.
  • Solid Sitka spruce top.
  • Laminate sapele wood back and sides.
  • Sapele neck.
  • Ebony fingerboard and bridge.
  • Chrome tuners.
  • Satin finish.
  • X-braced top, braceless arched back.
  • NuBone nut and saddle.
  • 23.5-inch scale.
  • 11 1⁄16-inch nut width.
  • 2 1⁄4-inch string spacing at the saddle.
  • Elixir medium-gauge Nanoweb strings.

Taylor GS Mini is a good traveling companion but it doesn’t look at all like an ordinary travel guitar. Though the plain woods – solid Sitka spruce top and caramel-colored sapele back and sides – and satin finish give it a simple appearance, the three-ring rosette and three-layer purfling lend it the credibility of a higher-priced stringed instrument. It’s really a decent guitar with affordable price.

Though Scaled-Down, Taylor GS Mini can Sound and Feel Like a Full Size Acoustic Guitar

In its overall size with 23.5 inch scale length, Taylor GS Mini is somewhere between Big Baby Taylor and Baby Taylor. Compared to the GS, it is 2 inches shorter hence make it easy to play the open cords. It also has a small body, 14 3/8 inches wide, so you’ll find it very comfortable to play and you don’t have to hunch over it if you play this acoustic guitar when sitting down.

Single-note runs are clear and crisp, and the snappy tone brings bass runs rise above ringing chords and is also best for less busy melodies, such as bluesy single-line riffs. Fast runs pop off the string, but long notes held for as long as you needed them to, the sustain filling in the chords on cross-picked tunes.

Playing up and down the fingerboard is very easy, thanks to guitar’s comfortable neck and good factory setup. Taylor GS Mini also has the ability to match the volume produced with the way you do strumming this guitar.

No matter how hard or lightly you strum the guitar, the sound is just great. Medium attack or soft strumming will create a clear and warm tone, a bit like the midrange but with a rich bass and bright trebles. While with an aggressive attack, GS Mini Taylor’s sound – especially in the bass – will start to break up and make it a good gear to play in a small group or solo.


Taylor GS Mini is suitable for those travelers as well as for people who kill their times by flatpicking, fingerpicking, or strumming their guitar at home.

It has everything: compact size which is car and plane-friendly, clear tone, wide dynamic range, long sustain and – most importantly – inexpensive and affordable price. Taylor GS Mini will be your best investment for acoustic guitar, guaranteed.

Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar Review – Great Guitar, Excellent Value!

The Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar by Godin Guitars has won many awards and it represents the best value offered. A very highly recommended acoustic guitar which is designed with top notch solid tonewoods in order to generate nice tone and impressive appearance.

The affordable price tag makes Seagull S6 worth the money for beginners who just start playing guitar and don’t want to spend so much in their entry level. Considering its great features, Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar is one of the top-rated best guitars.

Seagull S6 Video Review

Overall, Seagull S6 guitar sounds good, looks great and is affordable. What makes us very impressed is that this awesome guitar was not produced in China, but in fact was made in Seagull’s hometown of LaPatrie in Quebec, Canada.

The demo video below shows you how cool Seagull S6 is looking. Listen the beautiful sound this left-handed Seagull S6 can create too.

What you will get from Seagull S6

Seagull S6 is made in Canada and this guitar is highly regarded. Seagull S6 features mahogany back and sides, a solid cedar top which will generate beautiful sound both unplugged and amplified.

Although the price may be a little above beginners willing to pay for their first acoustic guitar, it should be considered as a good investment since Seagull S6 will sound as warm as many top end acoustic guitars from other companies but for a lower price. Great and durable guitar with a good price, this Seagull S6 is offering you an excellent value.

mahogany back and sides

High quality tonewoods

As we have mentioned, this 6 stringed instrument make use of top quality materials. Let’s check the list of tonewoods used in Seagull S6 construction:

Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar Features

  • The color on the top of Seagull S6′s body is very beautiful and finished in genuine semi-gloss lacquer.
  • The hand-finished neck and gorgeous nice pattern of wild Cherry at back and sides make the guitar looks more impressive. The finishing is as soft as silk and makes it comfortable to play around the neck.
  • On the back of the neck, silver leaf Mapple expresses a rich orangey brown color.
  • Guitar’s head is designed in special shape and has a nice Seagull logo.
  • The gold-colored 4 wound strings – E, A, D and G – look in nice harmony with the overall look of Seagull S6 acoustic guitar.

Sound Quality

With wild Cherry back and sides, the tone given to Seagull S6 is excellent and has uniqueness between mahogany’s mellow tone and mapple’s bright ring. At the same time, wild Cherry combination with Cedar top will beautifully produce a warm and full sound.

The notes always sound full however quietly you play this guitar and don’t lose tone either when you don’t play them as hard. The sound is really deep on the E and A strings, nice and round on the D and G strings, and very crisp on the B and E strings.

seagull guitars s6

Now there’s another important features you should note. The use of genuine lacquer finish allows the top to breathe and vibrate freely.

In turn, this promotes the aging process of the guitar, which means that Seagull S6 acoustic guitar will actually sound better the more it is played over time. This is why a lot of Seagull S6 beginning players stick to their S6 guitars even after they move to the intermediate level.

Seagull S6 Comparison With Other Godin Acoustic Guitar

We know that Godin Guitar has a lot of acoustic guitar which might obscure your consideration to pick the best of them. We have compared great guitars manufactured by Godin with all available features and price tags in a table below to ease your task.

What Players Have Said about Seagull S6 Original Where to buy Seagull S6 at cheaper price?

You can visit guitar shop near by your area or search it online and find retailer website offering Seagull S6. We recommend as this is the biggest online store with highest trustworthy.

As we’re writing this Seagull S6 Review, there’s also used Seagull S6 available at under 500. Check it out soon if you don’t want to miss your chance to have Seagull S6 acoustic guitar at very affordable price.