What Should I Have in my Guitar Practice Space?

Guitar Practice Space

Whether you’re a professional guitar player or you’re just picking one up for the first time you’re going to need to practice. However, you’re unlikely to practice if your guitar is hidden away in a closet or tucked into its case under your bed.

The only way you’re going to develop a good practice routine is by having a dedicated practice space that is completely set up with everything you need so that when you’re ready to practice you just sit down and get to it. The below guide will help you set up your ideal practice space.

Best Guitar Practice Space Setup

The Space

The first thing you’re going to need is space. Whether this space is a little room that you can dedicate solely to your practicing or a tiny corner in your family’s living room, you need some dedicated space. It should have enough privacy that you don’t feel like you’re interrupting other people and enough room to hold all the equipment you’re going to need when you sit down to play. If you play acoustic you’re not going to need that much space but if you play electric you’re going to need a little bit more room for items such as cords and guitar amp.


Regardless of whether you play acoustic or electric, it’s recommended that you have a metronome in your practice room. A metronome is an important tool that will help you keep count of beats and rhythms. You should also make sure you have a tuner. Even if you’re just starting out it’s important to learn to hear what an in-tune guitar sounds like as opposed to memorizing the sound of out of tune notes which will just cause you problems when you do play on an in-tune guitar.

Learn how to use a metronome:

A music stand is another good addition to your practice space. You should make sure the stand you choose has a thick enough lip to rest a smartphone or tablet on because these allow you to display digital music and can be handy if you’re following along on a tutorial or YouTube video.

Necessary Tools

Your practice room should have all of the tools you’re going to need to sit down and play. This includes guitar picks, extra strings, an elbow and your music. If you’re playing an electric guitar then you’re also going to need the best guitar amp, cords, extra batteries and possibly some headphones if you’re trying to keep your practice music to yourself. If you have the luxury of choosing a separate room for your practicing I’d recommend one that has thick walls and if you play the electric guitar you should also make sure there are plenty of electrical outlets.

Smartphones and tablets

No matter where your practice space is you’re going to want to make sure there are no distractions in the room. These can be other people or technology like smartphones. Smartphones and tablets can be fantastic tools to have in your practice room. You can use them to record your sessions, play tutorials, download tuner and metronome apps and plenty of other useful things.

However, they also have the potential to be major distractions. You know yourself best so if you think that your smartphone will lead you to scroll social media instead of focusing on practicing it’s best to leave it out and buy a dedicated recording device, metronome and tuner.

Pen and paper

You should also have a pen and paper in the room. You want a way to record your ideas and your notes as you practice. If you’re writing your own music you need to have a supply of blank sheet music to write your notes on. Because you’re going to be sitting in your practice space for long periods of time it’s important to make sure that you have a nice, supportive chair. Make sure your chair is comfortable and practical for practicing guitar (it doesn’t have arms or wheels for example).

Regardless of where your space is and whether you play acoustic or electric, you need a space that is completely set up with all your needs to encourage you to practice even on the days you’d rather be doing something else. If you follow the above guide and apply it to the space you have available you will be able to create the ideal practice space for your personal needs.

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