Best Electric Guitars in 2019 – Review & Buying Guide

Best Electric Guitars

The guitar has essentially shaped generations over the years with the rock and roll generation being the most prominent. Basically, this period changed the way music and life in general went.

The invention of the electric guitar heralded this change. Games like guitar hero have been built on the premise of an electric guitar. With all these marvels in front of us, it would be right to say that at one time or another we contemplated owning one.

electric guitar

If we went ahead with our aspirations, what qualities would we look for in the best electric guitar? The following article highlights the basic qualities you should look for in an electric guitar and blend them.

Top 3 best Electric Guitars

1. Ovation Electric Guitar

This is the ovation adamas 2 30th anniversary reissue electric guitar. This guitar is a real beauty of a guitar! With its carbon graphite composite top, resin walnut fingerboard, a beautiful 7-piece epaulet and maple inlays, and not forgetting ovation pick up and FET preamp. This is one of the smoothest guitars I’ve played.

If you love you’re all night jamming sessions (like I do)! And play some live sessions too, then this guitar is right up your street.

Ovation has an outstanding reputation when it comes to quality, and this electric guitar is no exception!

The sound quality when put through an amp is as smooth as butter. Weather you’re playing high or looking for a good bass sound this guitar will perform great in both areas. I’ve owned one of these for 2 years and I can not get enough of it.

2. Takamine TSF48C Acoustic Electric Guitar

The NEX cutaway on this guitar is incredibly detailed with laser-cut American inlays on the fingerboard.

It has a solid spruce top and solid rosewood sides and back, giving this guitar deep resonant bass notes, and extremely rich mid, and excellent treble.

The preamp comes with bass and treble control, and it has gold and pearl tuners to give it that touch of class.

This acoustic electric guitar is a good all rounder. In my experience with cheaper guitars they tend to sound like they have a wet blanket stuffed inside them! But to my surprise the takamine TSF48C gave an incredibly rich sound for a lower end market guitar.

3. Taylor 614-ce Electric Guitar

Taylor 614-ce grand auditorium cutaway electric guitar. And what a fine guitar this is. Everything about this Taylor says style.

With its grand auditorium style body and Venetian cutaway it really does look more like a piece of art than a guitar.

If you are the type of player who likes to pick, then this electric guitar won’t let you down. Its sleek design gives it a real edge and a crystal clear strong treble ping that compares to no other. And has an incredibly sharp definition to every individual note.

“When I first played one of these guitars, I was really taken aback by the warmth and cheeriness that seems to be created by the overtones.” This electric guitar is something quite special, and worth every penny.

Why Buy an Electric Guitar?

Most young or old musicians when starting out into the world of guitars usually start with an electric guitar. This is a hollow wooden body guitar with six strings. And as they familiarized themselves with the fretboard and playing the chords, the next step is to head for an electric guitar or an electric guitar.

This post will help young and old, amateur and pro musicians to make an informative decision when thinking about buying an electric guitar or an electric guitar.

“Over the years I have owned a number of guitars. And each one has had its good points and bad points.”

When you’re looking for a guitar its best to have an idea as to what sound you’re after and then worry about the look!

There are a lot of guitars out there, so choosing the right one can be hard work. But hopefully after looking at the post pages I have written you may have a better idea as to what kind of acoustic electric guitar you’re looking for.

Buy an Electric Guitar

So what is an acoustic electric guitar? It’s a hollow or hard body acoustic guitar that has been modified with electric pickups to connect directly to an amplifier, to give a rich electric sound. This enables the player to add effects to the guitar such as distortion and reverb. It also allows the player to add  an effects pedal, giving the acoustic electric guitar a much wider variety of different sounds.(which is great fun)!

Buyers Guide – You Should Consider When Choosing The Best Electric Guitar

Buying an electric guitar can be a challenge for someone who knows nothing or very little about this instrument. If you’re searching for this type of guitar, the first thing you should be aware of is that it delivers a hybrid product, which packs the features of an acoustic and an electric guitar into one instrument.

Look at Electronics

Since this instrument comes along with various electronic functions, you have to decide what features you want. Some of the most essential electronic features include:

Dual-Source System

This system delivers additional amplification because it incorporates a microphone and a piezo transducer. An acoustic electric guitar that comes along with a dual-source system is appropriate for someone who plays this instrument by plucking the strings rather than strumming them.

Piezo Saddle Transducers

The piezo saddle transducers use amplifiers to boost weak signals. Amplifiers allow you to adjust tone and volume whenever necessary.

Piezo Saddle Transducers

Active Electronics

An acoustic electric guitar that contains active electronics is an amazing instrument because it includes a battery-powered amplifier, which prevents signal loss. As you may already know, most amplifiers contain three bands of equalization, which allow players to boost or suppress frequencies between the source and output of the sound.

Besides checking all these points, you may want to consider a few more things to get one electric guitars available today. In fact, if you don’t know how to choose a guitar, there are chances to get the worst possible option even if you’re willing to spend a lot of money.

Discover Sizes and Shapes

These types of guitars come in two sizes: large and small. While a large-body guitar is able to produce full tones, a guitar that has a small body must be connected to an amplifier to deliver the expected results.

Additionally, you should know that manufacturers propose two different shapes, referred to as flat-top and arch-top. The flat-top guitars are appropriate for specific music genres, such as blues, folk and rock. On the other side, arch-top guitars come along with a hollow body and curved top, being perfect for jazz and country music.

arch-top guitars

In your search for the best one, this is the basic quality you should consider before you make your purchase. Although they come in very many shapes and sizes, for instance Prince’s P shaped guitar, guitars produce different sounds based on the kind of shape they have. This shape affects the sound projection of the guitar.

Hence, when shopping around you should have a feel for it first. Don’t just dive in head first buying the first appealing guitar you see; it might not produce the sound that you might like. Here, fashion doesn’t beat functionality.

Choose the Right Material

Although manufacturers use different types of wood to produce guitars, not all woods are suitable for guitar making. For instance, since elm and oak are heavy, thick and hard, you should stay away from guitars made of these two woods.

Furthermore, an acoustic electric guitar made of elm or oak will never resonate well. The best possible wood for guitar making is known as Tonewood and includes particular species, such as spruce, rosewood, mahogany, cedar and maple.

electric guitar made

The Choice of Wood Used to Make the Guitar

The type of wood affects the overall sound quality. At the same time, how rare the wood is has a significant impact on how much the guitar costs. You find that rare the wood the more expensive the acoustic guitar.

At the same time, ensure that you buy rosewood one if you are up to for the challenge. The price might put you off considering that rosewood is a rare tree, however, the quality of sound emanating from the guitar is simply amazing.

Tuning Machines Should Factor in the Equation

You should look at the tuning machines available. Tuning machines are essential in the location of tune and the holding off pitch. If you are a guitar owner, tuning your guitar is essential to the enhancement of the overall sound quality.

Tuning tools are off two types; open and enclosed. Open tuning machines are disadvantageous in that they require constant maintenance to protect them from rust and other things. Hence, you should always go for enclosed tuning machines which require little attention.

Intonation is Critical your Search

Basically, intonation is the main thing in a guitar. It means the difference between hearing notes when move up the neck and not hearing them. You should always evaluate the distance between the two frets in a guitar; it makes the difference between a good and bad performance.

Check Its “Action”

“Action” actually refers to how far down you must press the strings to play the guitar. A guitar that comes along with high action produces bright tones, but is quite difficult to play. A guitar that has low action usually sacrifices tone for play ability.

The Finish Means the Difference Between the Worst and Best

The finish affects how the wood vibrates which in turn affects the sound quality. When looking for the best electric acoustic guitar, you might not have control on the type of finish you get from a guitar. The choice in guitar lies with you and you alone.

Worst and Best electric guitar


Some other things you can do to get a good electric guitar include checking the top brands, deciding on a guitar with 6 or 12 strings, and last, but not least, testing the instrument before buying it.

Overall, if you are shopping for an electronic guitar, you should employ these guidelines in order to increase your chances of success. In the end, you will be expected to have a clearer idea on what qualities.

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