The Ultimate Guide to the Best Electric Guitar for Beginners

Best Electric Guitar for Beginners

Hey, are you looking for a guitar? you’ve made up your mind that you’re going to play the electric guitar? Let’s check out this guide

When buying a new guitar, you have to get the basics right if you want to end up an instrument that meets and perhaps exceeds your expectations. In a bid to help you buy the best electric guitar for beginners, here is a comprehensive buyer’s guide, clearly outlining what you should mull over.

Our Top 3 Best Electric Guitar for Beginners

How an Electric Guitar Works

Styles and models may vary, but all electric guitars work on the same principles. The pickup that is fitted to the electric guitar’s body works as a magnetic field. When a metal string is plucked and vibrates, it generates a current. The current is then transmitted by the pickup to the guitar cable where it is amplified. The amplifier enhances the signal and modifies it with various tones and effects, based on the amplifier’s design and capabilities. Finally, the signal is output to a speaker.

The signal sent to the amplifier is influenced by things such as pickups, tone controls, the style of play and the strings. In short, the best electric guitar for beginner should have all the components that influence how the instrument works.

What to Look for in an Electric Guitar for beginners

Some of the features to look for in an beginners electric guitar include:

Body Style

If you want a guitar with loud amplification and a multiplicity of effects, a guitar with a solid body would be the best choice. Alternatively, you can go for a semi-hollow guitar if you want acoustic sound or a hollow body if you want acoustic sound without high levels of amplification.

If you want a guitar with loud amplification and a multiplicity of effects, a guitar with a solid body would be the best choice. Alternatively, you can go for a semi-hollow guitar if you want acoustic sound or a hollow body if you want acoustic sound without high levels of amplification.


While the tone and weight of a guitar depend on the wood, it does not necessarily mean expensive wood sounds better. You should consider the quality of sound as opposed to the price of the wood.


The best electric guitar for beginners should have a neck that fits the size of your hand. There are various types of necks to choose from including thin, C-shaped and wide thin necks.

Set Neck Vs Bolt-On

The choice of whether to buy a guitar that has a set neck or bolt on depends on personal preference, taste and style of play.

Scale Length

The length of a guitar’s scale determines the notes it produces and the tension of the string at a certain pitch. The scale length is used to refer to the vibrating length of the skin. It is determined by the distance between the “nut and the bridge “saddle”.

Intonation and the Number of Frets

A guitar’s intonation determines whether or not the notes play in tune as you move up the neck. Equally, guitars that have a 24 fret neck will give you a full octave beyond the 12th fret.

Finish and Bridge

The finish on acoustic guitars does not have such a significant effect on the acoustics. However, it is important to note that the finish does not affect the quality of sound so you shouldn’t be worried.

When it comes to the bridge, you may decide to choose from the Tremolo and the Stoptail Bridge. The Tremolo allows you to bend all the strings all at once while the Stoptail Bridge gives you a more stable tuning since it’s attached to the body.


Most electric guitars are mounted with two pickups, one near the neck, and the other one near the bridge. The one near the neck produces a thicker sound with the one bridge provides a treble “twangy” sound.

Tuning Machines

A guitar’s tuning machine is what enables you to fine tune and hold pitch thus very important. Choose a guitar that has an enclosed machine head over open tuning machines that can resist rust and airborne corrosives since they don’t require a lot of maintenance or replacement.

Where to buy an electric guitar for beginners

Amazon can be especially helpful for getting familiar with what kinds of guitar offerings there are.  Spend a few minutes browsing their “most popular” page and taking notice of the reviews left behind by their customers.

From a trusted friend or relative

Buying a guitar from a friend or relative who plays is an ideal way to avoid some of the common pitfalls of a first purchase. Relatives and friends may help you search for a good guitar if they don’t have one they want to sell. It is recommended that the final choice should be made by the purchaser since guidance is never fool-proof.

A local guitar or music store that has an established reputation

Many guitarists return to the same local shop to buy strings and other extras though a larger dealer should be sought if the range of guitars offered by your local dealer is too small. Second-hand guitars need to tested thoroughly before purchasing. If the buyer is unsure of what faults to look for then a new guitar might be the better option.

Final Notes

Choosing the right electric guitar is a learning process and you shouldn’t be stressed if you don’t get it right the first time. You will certainly make a better choice in the future, so have fun with various brands and models before going for expensive models.

When played in the right manner, electric guitars can make any tune enjoyable and livelier. The best electric guitar for beginner should let you execute your favorite style of play in the easiest possible manner. This guide sets you on the right path to getting an electric guitar that will adequately address your needs.

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