The Best Bass Guitar DVD on the Planet

Best Bass Guitar DVD

When it comes to bass guitar instructors you could do a lot worse then having Roy Vogt teach you the ropes right from the comfort of your own home. That’s exactly what you can do using Roy’s new bass guitar lesson DVD set Teach Me Bass Guitar.

Roy teamed up with Nashville company The Learning Dock to create this 10 DVD course that is chalked full of content. If you’ve been searching for a good bass guitar DVD this one is it no matter what your current skill level there’s something to take away from these discs.

Each disc boasts easy to follow on-screen menus and sub menus. You can wa tch as little or as much as you like of each disc when you sit down to practice.

The real-time onscreen fretboard will let you know exactly what note Roy is playing in the video and which notes you should be playing when you’re practicing. Also on screen graphics will help you better understand complex concepts and techniques where necessary.

Teach Me Bass Guitar is like having instructor Roy Vogt right at home in your living room instructing you step-by-step how to master the electric bass guitar.

  • What You’ll Learn
  • Tuning Your Bass
  • Scales and Fingerings
  • Notes all over the neck
  • Musical Theory and Modes
  • Slap Bass and other playing styles
  • How to play with a band
  • The Nashville Number System
  • Proper Instrument Care
  • How to improvise
  • Blues, Rock, Country, Funk, Jazz bass and more
  • Bonus Materials Included with the DVDs

Over 100 play along videos which you can use while practicing the songs and techniques taught during the course. These are perfect for learning how to keep time, play with other instruments and break up the sometimes mundane boredom of playing the same thing over and over during a practice session.

Best Bass Guitar

You’ll also get a lifetime membership in Roy Vogt’s online bass guitar community Thunder Row. This community is only for bassists. It’s the place to meet fellow students of the Teach Me Bass Guitar program and also ask questions if you need help with any particular part of the bass guitar DVD course.

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