Applause by Ovation AC128 Acoustic-Electric Guitars Review

Acoustic Electric Guitar

When looking for a guitar, various factors need to be considered before the purchase is made. The sound quality, the feel of the guitar, and the durability needs to be considered.  Purchasing the best guitar needs time and patience.

The acoustic-electric guitar has revolutionized stringed instruments. In the market, there are many guitars that claim to be the best, but prove to be not as described. With this guitar, however, the difference is that it delivers according to all reviews and much more.

Ovation has been using the lyramold shallow bowl design for forty-five years. They have been able to refine the design to give off the best sound quality. This is contrary to what many people believe that the guitar needs a deep bowl to produce the best sound.

1. Applause AE128-RR Review

The Applause AE128-RR Acoustic Electric Guitar produces high-quality sound, both indoors and outdoors, for only $184. For a 3.2-kilo top-class guitar, the price is reasonable. The main features of the guitar include:

  • The acoustic-electric guitar has an OP-4B preamp, which is active unlike some that are passive and give the desired results.
  • The Ovation AE128-RR guitar has a super shallow bowl that makes it extra light. The spruce top, made of acrylic fabric, is glossy and gives the guitar a natural classic feel.
  • Adjustable mahogany neck connected to a fingerboard. Depending on the preference of the player, it can be either straight or slanted.

Who is it for?

Unlike the majority of the guitars that need a person to be either an amateur or professional, the Applause AE128-RR Guitar can be used by both categories of people, virtually anyone who can play the guitar. Although the quality of the music produced will differ, the overall quality of the sound produced is good.

Pros and Cons

The Applause AE128-RR Acoustic Guitar has a movable truss rod neck with a fretboard as its base, which has dot inlays. Perhaps the most outstanding and unique quality the acoustic-electric guitar has is that the top is manufactured from acrylic fabric instead of the conventional wood or laminate.

The Applause AE128-RR Electric Guitar is light and weight. This enables it to be the best guitar for people on the move. The lyramold shallow bowl brings out the excellent quality of reverberation and pitch, unlike what people say that the bowl needs to be deep.

AE128-RR Acoustic Electric Guitar

The amalgamated acrylic body lasts longer compared to traditional wood or laminated wood, which most guitars have been built with. The combination of the OP-4B preamp and CP100 pick up makes the electronics in the guitar run efficiently.

Although the 9-Volt-batteries to operate the active preamp are given with the first purchase, the preamp and CP100 combination does not last for long; therefore, the replacement will happen earlier than planned. The restricted equalizer, which consists of three bands, only limits the volume production. The quality of the sound is not affected but the volume is low compared to other guitars.

Why buy it

The Applause AE128-RR Guitar gives the best quality sound among most of the acoustic-electric guitars in the market. Anyone can play it, the reason why it is a good purchase.

2. Applause AE128-4 Super Shallow

The Applause AE128-4 Super shallow Guitar is an excellent deal for someone who wants to enjoy making music at a reasonable cost. Features of the acoustic-electric guitar are:

  • Rounded shallow bow, which is similar to the Ovation AE128-RR guitar. This is for the production of high-quality sound
  • The bridge that controls the vibrations is not supported by anything. With this, they are still able to ensure good quality sound production.
  • The fretboard is intricately designed to ensure that the strings are permanently in place and the hand can move freely without any hindrance.
  • Reliable electronics that ensure the guitar works efficiently and the sound quality produced is high.

Who is it for?

All acoustic-electric guitars can be used by anyone, as long as they can play the guitar. However, with the Super Shallow AE 128-4 is best for beginners, those training to be professional guitar players.

Pros and Cons

As the new, modern Ovation series of guitars, the lyramold round back design is also the preferred design for the Applause AE128-4 The simplicity characterized with this acoustic-electric guitar is good and makes it the best learning guitar when someone wants to learn.

Applause AE128-4 Super Shallow

The timbre or quality that the guitar resonates is good enough for both professionals and learners to enjoy using it. The weight makes it a favorite for people on the move.

When playing, the acoustic-electric guitar fits snuggly on the lap. When upright, it hangs at the right position for comfortable playing. The material used to make the guitar is durable. This contributes a big portion of the reason why the guitar is not highly priced.

The Applause AE128-4 Super shallow Guitar does not have an incorporated tuner. Although this has reduced the overall price, the efficiency is cut short because of the absence of the tuner; nevertheless, the quality is not affected.

Why buy it

For a beginner, the Applause AE128-4  is the best deal to have because it offers the basics in guitar playing, the highest quality for a simple guitar. For the professional guitar player, it is also a good deal; however, it is better for a professional to go for the AE128-RR acoustic guitar.


The Applause AE128 Guitars is top-of-the-range. They have some issues with the structural integrity but overall, it is a necessary have from the experienced guitarist.

In an overall view, Applause AE128 Guitars gets the job done, giving high-quality sound for someone who does not want to spend a lot of money on a guitar.

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